‘Detoxes’ are just sh*t

After an indulgent festive period, you may be more tempted than usual to jump on the latest detox, fad diet, slimming pill, unicorn juice diet which is out there. Please don’t. If I aim to promote anything with my social media platforms it is that consistency and good habits will bring about results not these sham money making schemes.

There is no such thing as a detox.

If you see any product or diet being sold with the word ‘detox‘ in the description or title, run the other way, fast. Your body detoxifies itself, therefore has absolutely no need for a super pill or juice to do it for it. Detox is just a fancy word which marketers use to try and lure you in and spend your hard earned cash on a product which will not work how you think it will.

If there was a magic ‘slimming’ or weight loss pill out there, do you not think that you would be able to get it on the NHS? If a company had found the miracle cure for fat loss, do you not think every man and his dog would be using it to get that bikini body?

Slimming Teas – help you drop lbs overnight….yes but so would a laxative which is essentially what a lot of these teas are when you look closely at the ingredients.

Why detoxes are no good

If weight watchers worked then they wouldn’t have a business. They rely on you failing in order to continue to pay your subscription and membership. (Side note: what I do like about Weight watchers/slimming world etc, is the accountability and group aspect – this is a huge contributor to why people have success on plans such as these!)

Juice diets, cabbbage diets, no carb diets, eating just grass diets….. they may all work in the short term as they will put you in a calorie deficit which is what you need to be in in order to lose fat. However, they are so unsustainable that the weight will just go straight back on as soon as you resume eating ‘normally’ again.

Next time you see that friend of a friend of your neighbour’s cousin’s sister; selling a product on Facebook which they promise will deliver you results, just take a step back and question their credentials. Have they got any experience with nutrition or supplementation? Have they got any qualifications? Can they tell you how the product works and back it up with scientifically proven evidence? If the answer is yes, then by all means invest, and then send them in my direction! But I would imagine that the answers to the above questions are more than likely to be negative…

herbalife meme

Eating healthy and working out consistently over time, putting in hard work and making sacrifices, doesn’t sound sexy. It cannot be bottled up in fancy packaging and marketed with a catchy slogan. But it works. It will get you results.

Stop trying to look for a quick fix. It didn’t take 30 days to get in the position you are in at the moment, so it is going to take a bit more than 30 days for you to get to the position you want to be in in the future.

To change, you have to make changes. 

It will mean making some sacrifices, there is no way around it. Things won’t be easy at times. However, if it is important to you then you will find a way.

If you’re interested in a kickstart to a new lifestyle, get in touch and let’s see what we can do!

Love Abi xxxx

Ps this is a brilliant blog by Pete Hitzeman which looks at some of these points in more detail.

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