PRODUCT REVIEW | Fulfil Nutrition White Chocolate and Cookie Dough Bar

Fulfil Nutrition: White Chocolate and Cookie Dough Protein Bar

It would take some doing to knock Grenade Carb Killas off the top spot, was Fulfil Nutrition up to the challenge?

Fulfil Nutrition White chocolate and cookie dough review

I rarely have protein bars, I only really have them as a back up if I am out all day or travelling; you wont see me eating them at home, I would much rather eat ‘real’ food. However I do always have some stashed away in the cupboard for these times of need. I had tried the Fulfil Nutrition Cookies and Cream bar months ago when we got some delivered at the gym, I wasn’t impressed. But when they announced their new range of flavours, I knew I would have to give them another chance.

Cookie dough annnnd White chocolate?! Sounds like it should be a winning combination right?

Fulfil Nutrition White chocolate and cookie dough review

With similar calories and nutritional information to the Grenade bars, they are just under 200 calories, 21g Protein, 11g Carbs, 7.3g Fat and 7.8g Fibre. But what about the taste?

It was good. Really good.

There is cookie dough, a caramel layer, some crispy bits and then surrounded by white chocolate. It isn’t overly chewy like some protein bars can be, the chocolate is really creamy too.

I judge protein bars on whether I would be willing to purchase a full box of them, this one I definitely would (once my stock of Carb Killas has gone down!)

9/10 from me!

I just need to find the other new flavours to try now! Have you tried any of these bars? Which one is your favourite?

Love Abi xxxx

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