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Week 14 : Learn something new everyday

Week 14 of 2017 has been a funny one for me! I have felt all out of sync with it being bank holiday last weekend and then heading of to Dublin at the end of the week for a couple of days. It did mean a super busy few days at work though as I tried to fit in all my clients in the space of 3 days! Long days and not much sleep! But I love what I do (most of the time!!) which means I have finished the week smiling!

I took on my first big group sessions last weekend which went extremely well. Although I was so nervous beforehand, the positive feedback which I have received since has meant that I will certainly try and put on more of these in the future!

I didnt overindulge in Easter chocolate, but I did have a bit of a blowout on Wednesday  night for no reason at all. These things happen. I go myself right back on track the next day and filmed my top tips for doing so for my Youtube channel, I would love it if you headed on over and checked it out! Youtube Channel HERE!!

I went for a lovely long walk on Easter Sunday from Cayton Bay to Scarborough which is where the cover photo for this blog was taken. It took me just under 2 hours and well over 10,000 steps. I have never done that walk before and it really made me appreciate living by the sea!

Training has been going well once again, really think I am benefiting from just mixing it up that little bit these past couple of weeks. I will be having a few days off this weekend though and no doubt overindulging a tad whilst away, so will be ready to hit it once again when I am back!

I have discovered a new favourite Youtube – Sarah’s Day. She is from Sydney and is another health and fitness vlogger, basically I want to be her! Her vlogs are so entertaining and I now want to move to Australia ASAP!

Right that is week 14 rounded up for you! Now onto what I have learnt…

16th: The most watched video on Youtube is Psy performing Gangnam style in Sydney in 2013! Currently it has 2.81 billion views!

17th: Only 4 football teams have been champions of England’s top 4 divisions – Sheffield United, Burnley, Preston and Wolves.

18th: Britain has changed Prime Minister 24 times in the past century, half of those without a general election.

19th: Serena Williams won the Australian Open whilst pregnant! Such an inspiration.

20th: There are 417 bridges in Venice. They usually don’t have steps on them since as up until the 16th century many people were actually moving on horseback.

21st: Dublin (or Dubh Linn) is an old Irish Gaelic phrase which translates to Black Pool.

22nd: Africa accounts for 40% of Guiness sales worldwide!!

Love Abi xxxx

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