Motivation Monday 10 | Stop underestimating yourself!

Motivation Monday – 13th March 2017

motivation - tim ferries

I picked out this quote and highlighted it when I was reading ‘Tools of Titans‘ by Tim Ferriss. The book is a compilation of habits and reasons why people who are successful are successful. I would highly recommend to anybody if they are interested in bettering themselves as a person, not just in business. He also has a podcast to go alongside.

Why did I pick out this quote?

I think we are all guilty of doubting our own capabilities, putting ourselves down and just generally thinking we are not very good at something. What impression does this give off? Not a good one.

It is a very British thing I think to not accept compliments. Somebody says ‘You have done a brilliant job.’ But rather than us simply saying ‘Thank-you’; we tend to come up with alternatives answers, ‘Oh it was just luck. It wasn’t that good. i could have done better.’ Rather than trying to come up with an answer, just say Thank you. Accept the compliment, somebody wouldn’t say it if they didn’t mean it!

I think it is a good thing to always strive for more and try and become a better person, however you  must reflect on where you are now and appreciate the work you have done to get to that point.

Use this as motivation this week to accept where you are, but strive for more going forwards.

It relates back to a post I made a few weeks ago about not putting people on a pedestal. You are more than capable of matching them if you put your mind to it. They are no better than you. They just put their thoughts and plans into action rather than just thinking about them….

Love Abi xxxx


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