4 Ingredient Protein Pancakes Special!


I love pancakes, yet I rarely have them for some reason! Probably because I tend to become obsessed and then eat them to the point of getting fed up of them…

snickerdoodle protein pancakes

Protein pancakes…now these sometimes get a bad reputation, especially when it comes to Shrove Tuesday. Why deprive yourself of the real thing? Well what if I told you that this recipe for protein pancakes actually tastes better than the real thing! Fluffy, light, protein packed and SO delicious, you wouldn’t actually believe that they are good for you!

I like to use PEScience protein powder, it is a blend of casein and whey proteins which makes a lighter pancake. You can get it from www.proteinpickandmix.co.uk You tend to find when you just use whey for protein pancakes they can be a little bit drier that’s all. Snickerdoodle is my ultimate favourite flavour from their range.

snickerdoodle protein pancakes

Topped with fruit and zero calorie pancake syrup (okay and a little bit of nutella and low fat whipped cream!) these are what you should be making on the big day!!

You can use any milk you like, I have really been enjoying the almond and coconut milk from Alpro at the moment so used that. I haven’t put an amount as it will vary depending on your protein, so just make sure it mixes to a batter type consistency!

1 scoop protein powder
1 egg
1/2 tsp baking powder

Mix everything in a bowl. Heat your frying pan and spray with some low calorie cooking spray. Pour in the batter, making whatever size pancake you like.

Wait for them to start bubbling before flipping. They will appear a little gooey in the middle but that is no bad thing!

Serve up with your favourite toppings!

I promise you will love these, they make a delicious year round breakfast too!

What are your favourite pancake toppings?!

Love Abi xxxx

protein pancakes

Calories per serving (without toppings) = 187
Protein = 30g
Carbs = 3g
Fat = 7g


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