Beef Steak with a citrus marinade and Chimichurri dressing- M&S Spirit of Summer
Okay, so one of my clients Shaf had been telling me about this steak for weeks and how good it was, boy do I wish I had listened to her sooner and bought it. It is incredible. If you like steak you have to go buy it. Do it. Now. I have stocked my freezer as with it being a spirit of summer product I am worried about it being taken off the shelves some time soon! It is absolutely delicious, melt in the mouth. The chimmichurri dressing comes separate for you to pour over after it has been cooked, and it is 100% worth the fat macros. Super tasty.IMG_0668

Sea Salt and Caramel Chocolate – Lindt 

I mentioned last month that I dont think a day goes by where I don’t have some sort of chocolate, i always have one bar open in the cupboard. I usually try and stick to the darker stuff as excellence_sea_salt_caramel.pngI know that it is better for me, not only in terms of calories but the high cocoa content as well. I bought this bar at the same time as the Coconut flavour, and i can safely safe that ne
ither of them lasted very long in my house. I love the salted caramel flavour combination which is everywhere nowadays so i don’t really know why it took me so long to try this one out. I think I was expecting a layer of smooth salty caramel within the bar, but instead it is actually crunchy almost toffee like pieces. The saltiness comes through though and like every Lindt product the chocolate just melts in your mouth. I will be repurchasing.

Chocolate Brownie Combat Crunch Protein Bar – Musclepharm
A new flavour protein bar from one of my favourite makes. These were a saviour whilst travelling on holiday and whilst I was in hospital. They are reminiscent of an actual chocolate bar rather than a protein bar. I don’t think they have overtaken my number one favour which is cinnamon, but they come pretty darn close. WAY nicer than the quest chocolate brownie bar. It is like a brownie encased in a chocolate coating. The macros are so good as well, only 210 calories; 20g Protein; 25g Carbs (12g fibre) ; 7g Fat.
They have a few other new flavours out as well. I tried the Birthday Cake one = big no no from me. But I need to get my hands on the ‘Cookies and Cream’ and the ‘Chocolate Coconut’ ones at some point.

Untitled design

Peri Peri Chicken Soup –  New Covent Garden Soup Co
I am not normally a huge advocate of soups. I know a lot of people think they are great if you are trying to lose some weight as they (*some) contain a low amount of calories. But in this case low calories = low in protein and I like to make sure to get a good source of protein in at every meal. If my clients do like soup for lunch then I usually recommend that they add some cooked chicken or make sure they have it alongside a protein shake for example.IMG_0671

However, whilst I wasn’t 100% last week it was what I was craving so a visit to Morrisons and a quick look in the fresh soup aisle and I decided on this flavour. I like all things spicy, it was fairly low in calories and wasn’t the absolute worst in terms of protein content. It tastes delicious with plenty of chunky pieces of chicken per serving. Half the carton is supposed to be a serving but in all honesty I definitely could have eaten it all as I was still pretty hungry afterwards. If you do enjoy soup then I would recommend this flavour, but I would also advise looking at the nutritional labels of your favourites to see what they contain before buying. I like this brand and have been known to use their mushroom soup as a sauce for some dishes in the past as well.
One serving = 93 calories
6g Protein; 10.5g Carbs; 2.1g Fat.

New CameraIMG_0665
I finalllllly invested in a new camera to help improve the quality of my blog and videos, and what better time to test it out than on holiday. I went for the Canon G7X Mark ii, and I am loving it. I do still feel a bit like a photography virgin, and I still have no idea what over half of the functions do but think I am slowly getting there and I was pretty impressed with some of the photos which I was able to snap whilst away. Fingers crossed you start to see a slight improvement soon as I begin to use it more and more for work purposes over the coming months.

Untitled design-2.jpg

Just a couple of my favourite snaps from my travels.

Most of the other items which I have been loving this month were in Bali (BTW their version of a Twister lolly is WAY superior to ours!) so unfortunately not the best examples to give here! But I will be back with a full list once again next month! Remember if there is anything which you think I need to try then be sure to get in touch and let me know!

Love Abi xxxx