week 28 & 29 : what have I been learning about this week? Plus the trials and tribulations of a Personal Trainer/Entrepreneur in training

Right let me update you on what has been going on in Abi’s world…week 28 & 29…


I am so sorry that I didn’t manage to get a post up last weekend. Everything just got on top of me and writing up this wasn’t at the top of my priority list!

As you can see I am actually now away on holiday and am writing this from my airbnb in Venice!

The last two weeks have just been a bit of a blur, with lots of clients getting ready for their own holidays, me trying to get things prepared before I go away, plus work on my own secret project. My anxiety levels were through the roof, and there were a couple of occasions where I just had to sit and do nothing as I just didn’t know where to start with anything. However, after speaking to mentors and a couple of other people, I came to realisation that what didn’t get done, just wouldn’t get done and that wouldn’t be the end of the world. Life would still go on. All I could do was my best.

I went to Leeds to see my friends from school and celebrate Charlie’s birthday, it was so lovely to see them and really did give me a welcome day off and chill out.

My sister went to Spain and surprised my parents which was so lovely of her and I was super jealous of all the photos they were sending me through! But I am so excited for my own adventure this summer, we have spent past couple of days in Venice, before heading to Slovenia, Croatia and then Montenegro. A little bit of a European road trip! I will be trying to blog quite a lot and get some youtube videos up so stay tuned!

In terms of trying to ‘stay on track’ whilst I am away; I have brought with me some resistance bands and a skipping rope as I am not sure how much access I will have  to gyms. This means it will more than likely be lots of bodyweight work and dare I say it even some running! But as I have mentioned previously, I live this lifestyle because I enjoy it. I love the feeling of being fit and healthy, it helps with my mindset and inner peace as well. So I know if I was to take 3 weeks off entirely then I would go completely doolally! If I don’t feel like exercising one day then I won’t, but I like to have the option. In terms of food, I will be sensible but you can bet your bottom dollar there will be plenty of ice creams happening!

Right, time to get on with the day! Speak next week!

Double whammy of what I have learnt in the past couple of weeks!! Weeks 28 & 29 coming up…

24th: Spar shop originated in the Netherlands.

25th: Stephen Perry patented his idea for the rubber band in 1845. The London businessman came up with the invention after Charles Goodyear introduced rubber to the world in 1839.

26th: G-rated family films earn more money than any other rated films; however, only 4% of Hollywood’s output is G-rated.

27th: Zythology is the study of beer and beer making.

28th: Contrary to popular belief, there are no wild tigers in Africa.

29th: Pearls dissolve in vinegar.

30th: The white part of an egg is called the albumen.

31st: There are 314 Ikea stores in 38 countries, 30 of which are franchises. IKEA is an acronym which stands for the founders initials and hometown (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd)

1st: The busiest airport in the world is Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport with more than 106 million passengers in 2016. London Heathrow is only number 7.

2nd: In the summer heat, the iron in France’s Eiffel Tower expands, making the tower grow more than 6 inches.

3rd: There are 60,000 habitants of Venice, and 55,000 tourists descend on the place every day!

4th: Both “equinox” and “solstice” refer to the path of the sun throughout the year. During a solstice, the sun is either at its northernmost point (Tropic of Cancer) or it is at its southernmost point (Tropic of Capricorn). An equinox is either of the two days each year when the sun crosses the equator and both day and night are equally long.

5th: There are more than 400 bridges in Venice —but only four to five bridges span across the mighty Grand Canal.

Love Abi xxxx


Week 18 update and what I have learnt this week!

I will throwback to last weekend (I mentioned a little bit in my Week 17 update but I was tired and probably should expand more!!) when I went to Birmingham for the Bodypower expo at the NEC. This was the fourth year which we have visited and it is something which I really enjoy. I usually come back really motivated after being around other people in the industry and speaking to them; this year was no exception. I was able to network with and speak to people who I had previously only followed on social media which was great. The most beneficial chat was probably with Jamie Alderton, I follow a lot of his work on multiple platforms but it was so interesting getting to actually speak to him, bounce ideas and get a lot of invaluable information to help my business going forwards.

Week 18 - Jamie Alderton Bodypower 2017

I personally don’t think the expo was as good overall as previous years, and in fact think it may start to decline in coming years as number of big companies decide against going, including GymShark. But who knows, I may be proved wrong and I would hazard a guess that I will still be there next year!

I went with my sister and we stayed over Friday night and had the day in Birmingham on Saturday with the intention of going shopping, however it always happens that when you want to spend money you can never find anything!! We ate out at an Indian on Friday which wasn’t great, but then had a couple of good meals on the Saturday. In the last blog post I mentioned that we would hopefully be visiting Emporium Gym for a training session, and we did do just that. It was one of the best training sessions I have had in ages, there is something about a new gym with different people in it which I love! If you want to check out my full vlog from the weekend then head on over to my Youtube channel!  Abi Durrant Fitness.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were so busy I barely had chance to catch my breath, let alone speak to anybody! But one of the key things which I have been told by my mentors is to not neglect working ‘on’ your business, rather than just ‘in’ it. Therefore I am going to be making a concerted effort to try and take half a day each week in order to try and do just that. This week it was Wednesday afternoon, unfortunately all I managed to do was catch up on client plans, youtube edits, social media posts, emails, and didn’t get chance to do anything else! I know I need to develop a better system but it is just finding the time!

It was National Vegetarian week this week and I made an effort to choose more plant based meals. I made another youtube video with a full day of eating vegetarian which I would love you to check out too!

This weekend I have another exciting one planned as I head to Stockholm on Saturday for the night to see Bruno Mars in concert! Another new country to tick off my list as I work towards my #30B430. goals.

What have I learnt in Week 18?

13th: In America, the most popular baby names in 2016 were Noah and Emma.

14th: Sellotape was developed by the merging of glue and cellophane.

15th: It took 5,127 prototypes before James Dyson believed the technology was ready to go in the vacuum cleaner using the ‘new’ dual cyclone concept.

16th: KitKats used to be called the Chocolate Crisp.

17th: The UK’s biggest export commodity is Gold (9.8%), followed by cars (9.6%).

18th: Nootropics are substances that enhance or stimulate certain mental abilities such as cognition, memory, attention, concentration, motivation, learning and generally many of the functions related to intelligence. This word, derived from the Greek word “nous” means mind and “tropes” address refers, first, to natural components found in foods and plants.

19th: The most popular names over the last 500 years are Mary and John. Most popular names in 2016 were Oliver and Olivia.

Hope you have all had a good week!

Love Abi xxxx



I don’t go out of my way to research these quotes. I have so many highlighted as I read and come across certain things which really resonate with me. But sometimes, you come across quotes which make your come to a complete stop. They make you sweat and your heart beat a little bit faster, these are the ones which you need to take the most notice of.

I came across this quote in the book ‘Tools of Titans’ by Tim Ferris. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. It relates back to my blog on fear and finding the courage to do things which we really want to do because at the end of the day you are in charge of your life. You have nobody else to blame if things don’t work out how you want them to.

Chase your dreams. Don’t give up on them. Life is too short.

Love Abi xxxx

Everyone in Scarborough loves EatMe Cafe, therefore it is only right that I do a post on this super popular Cafe in the heart of Scarborough Town Centre.

Everything is made fresh on the premises and their menu has so many different options available. All the produce is locally sourced which is absolutely brilliant and so important for the local area. I emailed the owners of Eat Me to ask for their input as well in helping me determine which are the better options to go for when deciding to go there for breakfast or lunch but unfortunately they didn’t get back to me. So for this post I haven’t been able to include any calorie estimates but I have still been able to give you feedback on what I think the best options available are if you are trying to stick to your health and fitness goals!

Eggs are an absolute staple for my breakfast and one which I always suggest as an option to clients. At EatMe I would go for the 2 boiled eggs or the 3 eggs scrambled. They are extremely accommodating to different requests should you have them, so I might even ask for just the egg whites to be scrambled and save my fats for a different meal.


photo courtesy of the Eat Me Facebook page

There is nothing wrong with having bread, so if you want to have toast with it then go for it! Just realise that it is more calorie dense than other carb alternatives, so later in the day you may want to switch out carbs from one of your other meals.
I would avoid the crumpets or fruit loaf, simply due to lack of protein in them, plus they are usually a bit higher on the carb and fat side than I would typically like to eat for breakfast.

For lunch I have had the Chicken Ramen Bowl before, it is a clear noodle soup with grilled chicken and vegetables. To make this even more calorie friendly, I would ask for half a portion of noodles and see if they would be able to double the serving of vegetables. More vegetables will make it seem more substantial and you wont feel like you are missing out on the noodles.


I love being able to add the extra chilli flakes which accompany this dish in order to give it an extra fiery kick! 

The chicken and chorizo tin plate is another great option, which is high in protein and carbs from the rice.

If I were to opt for a salad, I would go with the hot chilli chicken or the hoisin duck, but be conscious that the duck will have a little bit more fat content.

Again eggs are a brilliant source of protein and will fill you up, so the 3egg omelette which they serve would be perfect. Add in some mushrooms and tomatoes for extra veggies, and maybe ask for it with just a salad.

As popular as they are, (and I am sure they all taste amazing!!) I would try and steer clear of the mac’n’cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and probably the burgers as they will contain high amounts of fat from the cheese and meat. If you are craving a burger, then maybe ask for it without the bun or have it with salad rather than the chips!

EatMe has some great options if you are on a fitness journey. I have picked out just some of the options which stand out to me from their menu. However, like I suggest when you go anywhere, if there is something not on the menu, or you are unsure how something is cooked or what it contains, then ask! Nobody knows better what has gone into a dish then the staff and I am sure they will be more than happy to help!


Hope you enjoyed this one. Eat Me is so popular in Scarborough and I can definitely see why. If there are any restaurants/cafes which you would like me to  cover in future posts then just let me know!

Love Abi xxx


I couldn’t do a review of places to eat without looking at the Florios menu! Probably the most popular restaurant we have in Scarborough! I think you would hard pushed to find somebody who lives here that hasn’t visited the restaurant on at least one occasion!

You are going to be disappointed though I am afraid, if you are expecting me to say that the tomato garlic bread is absolutely fine to have in large quantities! Sorry! 🙁


Italian restaurants can be quite tricky to negotiate if you are trying to be healthy, as most of the dishes are very carb and fat heavy, mainly based around pizza and pasta and plenty of olive oil and cheese! However there is no need to avoid them completely!

Okay, so I realise that a trip to Florios isn’t usually complete without a Tomato Garlic Bread to start, so how can you make it slightly better? Share, this way you can still have one or two slices without overindulging. Also, it may seem slightly odd, but ask for some extra napkins and mop up some of that extra oil which you see in puddles on top of it when it is served. This is just hundreds of unnecessary calories which can be avoided simply by soaking up with a napkin.


*Not a photo of Florios version, but just a generic tomato garlic bread photo from the internet.

If you are going to avoid the garlic bread, I would opt for either the minestrone soup or the stuffed peppers but ask for no cheese on top.

Pasta and Risotto:
The portions in Florios are huge. But rather than just getting a regular one and thinking ‘oh its okay I will only eat half’, request half a portion. This way you wont find yourself mindlessly eating when you were full a long time ago which happens regularly with pasta.
Try and stick to tomato based sauces, ones like bolognese, arrabbiata and vegeteriana. I would also see if you were able to add a protein sauce to the former two dishes such as tuna or chicken. Any dish which mentions cream, I would tend to avoid.

Similar to the pasta option, if you are after a pizza then see if you can request a bambino size rather than a full portion. You could also ask friends if they want to split one and order a side salad to go alongside (with any dressing on the side). I would also, use the napkin trick to mop up any surplus oil.

They do offer a large variety of meats and fish. This is always a safe option when eating out anywhere. A protein source alongside a portion of vegetables. Florins do a grilled chicken breast, which I would ask for with salad, and see if they would do the side of spinach instead of chips. Any of the steaks but without the creamy sauces, and also the skewers are alternative options.

Unfortunately after looking at the dessert menu, as delicious as they all sound, I am not sure there is one which I can highly recommend! If your sweet tooth has really gone into overdrive then maybe just opt for one scoop of ice cream with no extra cream or sauces!

You can go to Florios, have a tasty meal and not fall astray from your fitness regime. Just be smart about it!