Weekly Round Up | 30

Firstly….I huge apology for not keeping this space updated whilst I was away. I had good intentions, and have no excuse other than I wanted to spend my time away doing things rather than sat at the laptop!

Travelling Europe was amazing. We saw so many wonderful sights, ate beautiful food, met interesting people, and just enjoyed some much needed time off.

weekly update 30

However, I am back and what a week it has been!

It as been an amazing first week back and catching up with clients. I kept in touch with them whilst I was away to check that they were getting on alright and answer any questions which they may have had. But it isn’t the same as seeing them in person. They have all done so well, kept up with all of the programming and made some great progress.

I have met with a few potential new clients, and I am looking forward to welcoming them on board next week.

September can be a bit of a funny month. You have just got back from your summer holidays, the kids go back to school, the days start getting that little bit shorter, we still have some warm days but Christmas feels a while away. It is almost a little bit of a transitional period and I know a lot of people struggle with setting goals and targets at this time of year.

A big goal of mine at the moment is to move people away from always being concerned about fat loss and dieting. You simply cannot sustain this mind set 12 months of the year. It is tiring and not healthy.

Fitness should enhance your life and be done because you want to enjoy it, it shouldn’t be a chore.


Why not use this next month to try out something new; join a club, give a different class a go, switch your training up, try and focus on one exercise which you want to improve, set PBs…

So what am I changing this month?


> I have always been a big fan of a bodyweight split style of training, ie alternating lower and upper body training. It has worked really well for me in the past and has fitted in with my schedule and time available at the gym. But I am going to move towards a full body style of training and give that a go this month.

> I want to improve my overall fitness and athleticism, so will be looking to incorporate different movement patterns, exercises, sets, reps, tempos etc. I have had a bit of a play this week to see what I want to do and will get together a programmed block of training this weekend at some point.

> You may have noticed that on holiday I went out and ran. Yes, I ran. This is so unlike me as I have always said how much I hate running. I have never been good at it, find it boring, and really really hard. But rather than just not do it, I want to get better at it. So one of my focus points this month will be to improve my 5km time. I have a couple of benchmarks from when I was away but I want to see what I can do now that I am home and actually training properly.

> Mobility and stretching is something which I need to improve on, so I am going to make a concerted effort to increase the frequency which I am doing this each week!


I have a facebook post going up about this at some point in the week. There is no one diet fits all. For the past few months I have essentially been ‘winging it.’ I have been counting calories for so long that I know what is in food, what a portion looks like, and how much of it I ‘should’ be eating. Note the use of the word ‘should.’ All too often I have been having that extra square of chocolate, an extra handful of popcorn, taken the spoon to the ice cream tub. Basically I have not been doing what I advise my clients to do. Then on holiday I just ate what I wanted, when I wanted; which was absolutely great and I felt no guilt whatsoever. But a large gelato everyday, as amazing as they are, is not going to get me to my goals.

“I need some form of structure and a plan to stick to.”

I could give you a list of 100 diets which would all work to some extent, but if they are not the right fit for you and your lifestyle then they are not going to give you the results you are after.

I have been guilty of incorporating too many ‘flexible’ foods, because they fit in with my calorie goals. But I am going to go back to basics; focusing on whole one ingredient foods. Lots of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, grains etc. They are better for my body and I know that they make me feel good.

Don’t get me wrong, if I am absolutely craving some ice cream I will probably have some, but for the most part I am going to strip it back and simplify everything.

September is going to be a crazy month for me, for reasons which you will find out about soon…. but I am going to do my absolute best to make some progress and will keep you updated on how I am getting on!

I am thinking of redoing the format of the weekly round up, if you have any ideas or would like me to include certain aspects then just let me know!


Love Abi xxxx

PS I am afraid my Learn something new everyday fell by the wayside whilst I was away too. I did tick off some of my #30B430 list though! ?

It has been a bit of a funny month for me, with being in and out of hospital, juggling clients and then preparing to go away again in a week. I have definitely felt a bit unsettled and unsure of myself. It has been frustrating not being able to spring back to normal. I am not great at sitting about and resting, so having to do exactly that and then ease myself gently back into work and training has certainly been a bit of a struggle.


I began training again very lightly last week, since being ill I have lost nearly 5kg, the majority being muscle as I didn’t lose my insatiable appetite at any point! So obviously strength has taken a huge hit and I feel almost like I am just starting out again in regards to lifting weights. But I know that it will only be a matter of time until I am back feeling me again, my health is the priority at the moment, not how much I can deadlift or workout! (Although I did find myself doing laps of the hospital to still try and get my 10,000 steps in a day! Just couldn’t help myself.)

I have still managed to discover a few new products during this time and would like to share with you all!

Warburton’s Thin Bagels (Usually on offer somewhere for £1)
My tastebuds went all out of whack with the amount of antibiotics which I was on, I couldn’t stomach coffee or yoghurt at all, which are two of my daily staples! All I was craving was bread, which is really strange for me as it isn’t something which I ever usually want or eat at all! I don’t not eat it because I think it is ‘bad’ for me or ‘will make me fat’, but simply because I prefer other types of carbs! However this month I have rediscovered my love for bagels.

A regular bagel contains around 200-250 calories before you add any toppings or fillings; but these bagel thins are only 120-130 calories and are more than ample! I have been enjoying the plain ones toasted and with my eggs in a morning, and the cinnamon and raisin ones just toasted or with a cheeky spoonful of nutella on! I am going to attempt to make french toast with them some point soon so will let you know how I get on.

Ribena Light (Currently £1 in Morrisons) & Asda’s Apple and Elderflower High Juice (£1.25)
Diet fizzy drinks have taken a bit of a backseat this month in favour of these juices. If you struggle to drink enough water throughout the day, added no sugar juice is a great way of making them that little bit more enticing and palatable.


I am pretty sure everybody loves Ribena so that takes no describing! But I came across the Apple and Elderflower Cordial in Asda and figured I would give it a try. I used to assume that anything elderflower flavoured would be quite perfumed in taste so always used to avoid it….until it was an ingredient in a cocktail which I had in Leeds a few months ago! This drink is really fruity, and you can definitely taste the elderflower, it doesn’t take a backseat to the apple. I have also mixed this is with some sprite zero for a refreshing drink with my dinner and makes a nice change to the usual flavoured juices.


Ribena – Morrisons £2
Apple and Elderflower High Juice  – Asda £1.25

Marks and Spencer’s Sour Cream and Red Pepper Sweet Potato Snacks

I mentioned these on a Facebook post a few days ago, but thought it was appropriate to mention them again here as I did like them so much! I love vegetable crisps, and luckily they are becoming that bit more popular as new versions and flavour varieties keep cropping up on the shelves. I spotted these on one of my escapes from hospital for supplies, and at only 92 calories per bag thought I would give them a go. Normally with low calorie bags of crisps you get about 5, however this bag was plentiful and I didn’t scoff the lot in under 10seconds. They are baked and not fried, which means the fat content is much lower than regular bags of crisps. I would recommend picking some up next time you are passing and picking up some lunch on the go.

Calories = 92
Protein: 1.6g; Carbs:13.4g; Fat:2.9g.

Aldi Cinnamon Chocolate
Pretty sure I have never seen cinnamon flavoured chocolate before, so when I spotted this bar on a recent trip to Aldi, my curiosity/greediness got the better of me and I had to give it a try. It is a milk chocolate and there is a strong flavour of cinnamon throughout which packs a punch. Really creamy and good quality. It was in the specials aisle so I am hoping that when I am next in there will still be some left and it wasn’t just a one off!


Exercise – Defranco Shoulder Shocker
Seated Plate Raises x 8-12
Seated Side Raises x 8-12
Seated Clean and Press x 8-12

I have been easing myself back into training gently, and after seeing this superset floating about on social media I decided to give it a go myself and it certainly works! I like the fact that by performing it seated, you are taking the tendency to ‘swing’ and ‘cheat’ out of the exercises, which really forces you to focus on just using your shoulders. I have prescribed it to a few of my clients in their programmes this month, and have seen some brilliant ‘pain’ faces because of it! I like using heavy weights, but for this set it isn’t needed at all. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Here is a link to the video on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/abidurrantpt/


Social Media Presence: Clean Eating Alice
I follow a lot of fitness people on the various social media platforms, however recently I have begun to delete a few of them; either because I don’t agree with their message or I am sick of seeing endless edited selfies everyday. Boring. You may think that the name of Alice’s social media handle goes against the majority of what I preach, and you would be correct. I am all for balance, and don’t label any food as ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’. But Alice made this her instagram name years ago and it has stuck with her as a brand, even though she now preaches balance and similar values to myself.


I think she is a brilliant example to follow, especially for girls of how to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. She shares such delicious photos of her food on Instagram, (especially her breakfast!) but then on snapchat you will see her happily tucking into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s on a Saturday night or a bar of Lindt chocolate. She posts workout videos, informative information and always has the nicest gym gear on which I am so jealous of! In general she just seems like such a lovely, genuine and friendly person. I love seeing what she is getting up to each day and would definitely recommend that you follow her on twitter, instagram or snapchat!

Twitter: @alice_ldnm
Instagram: @clean_eating_alice
Snapchat: Alice Liveing


Right so that’s it for September. I have my fingers crossed that October will be a better month for myself, positive thinking! As I mentioned at the beginning I am actually going away again so I am hoping to be able to film tons more content and exciting things!

Like always, if there is anything you think I should try and you have spotted on the shelves then let me know!

Love Abi xxx