week 20 : what have I been learning about this week? Plus the trials and tribulations of a Personal Trainer/Entrepreneur in training

Here goes… week 20 began with more group training sessions last Sunday followed by a lovely day out at Malton Food Festival with my sister. It was the second year which I have been and it is a great way to spend a few hours, especially seeing as though the weather was so brilliant still last weekend. We sampled quite a lot of different offerings, from cheese to chutney, from brownies to ciders. It is made up of lots of different local sellers, food trucks and a large drinks tent. There are also demonstrations and talks on over the course of the weekend.

Malton Food Lovers festival 2017

For lunch we had a mexican tortilla bowl with pulled pork and chicken, it was delicious. Then of course we had to make a visit to Groovy Moos for an ice cream! This is simply the best ice cream which you will taste, and i should know as somewhat of an ice cream connoisseur. I had to use the opportunity to try out a couple of new flavours, rhubarb and custard as well as coconut and white chocolate. Beautifully indulgent!

Groovy Moos ice cream Malton

Bank holiday Monday was just a usual day for me, full of clients at the gym, although it was an earlier finish which meant that Laura could come over for tea and to discuss holiday plans! We were hoping to be able  to get away this week for a last minute sunshine break, but unfortunately couldn’t find anything. It is only 8 weeks until August when we are hoping to get something booked for Croatia and Montenegro. Has anyone been? If so, any recommendations?

After a few cancellations last week, this week has been the complete  opposite! Not one person has text to rearrange or postpone, which has meant another crazy week for me! The past couple of weeks I have blocked out Wednesday evenings from the gym. I was finding that after Monday and Tuesday, i was snowballing into the weekend without any time to get on with client plans, and business in general. Just by taking this evening away from the gym, I am able to set up at the laptop and just get on a roll and get stuff done! It has certainly helped not only my organisation, planning and business, but also my mind by giving me that mental break.

Speaking of business, I was able to speak to somebody who is much cleverer and more experienced than me in regards to my Youtube channel. It is something which I have been working on for a while but growth has been slow, and if I have struggled to get to grips with some parts of it. It was so kind of this person to give up their time in order to help me on some things and I now feel much better about certain things and how to create better videos in the future which people will find more enjoyable and useful (fingers crossed anyways!) Speaking of which, I vlogged the whole weekend last weekend and would love you to head on over to my Youtube channel and check out the full video! Link here. Any comments, i would love to hear from you!

I was writing a Facebook post about reasons why I became a Personal Trainer, and it ended up turning into a full blog post which  I published. Check it out here. 

abi durrant fitness

I have had some really good training sessions this week, whether it is the realisation that it is only 8 weeks until I put on a bikini or whether I have found some internal motivation from somewhere else, I don’t know but I am not complaining! I also found a photo on my phone from July 2015, this is the look which I am going to try and reach once again this year….well we shall see! Diet wise, it has been a bit up and down, a mini binge episode on Tuesday evening followed by 4 pretty good days. I know what I need to do, just sometimes the ice cream and chocolate scream at me from behind their respective doors. If this is something which you suffer from, I have a video on my top tips for getting over a binge here. 

Right, what have been learning in week 20?

28th: Peas are actually a fruit as they grow from a seed and picked above ground.

29th: A captain can deliver a baby or marry people.

30th: A group of parrots is called a Pandemonium.

31st: By the end of this century, 70% of all known cold water corals in the entire ocean will be surrounded by sea water which is so acidic that it will be dissolving their coral structure.

June 1st: Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the Danube river with the unification of Buda and Óbuda on the west bank, with Pest on the east bank in 1873.

2nd: Today was National Fish and Chip Day. There are around 10,500 fish and chips shops in the UK. Ninety years ago there were 35,000.

3rd: The Champions League was introduced in 1992 and replaced the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, or simply European Cup. The pre-1992 competition was initially a straight knockout tournament open only to the champion club of each country

I can’t believe we are up to week 20 already, I have just updated my photo a day for the year and that is now over 100! Crazy!

Love Abi xxxx


Fear. Why does it cripple us so much?

Bare with me. This is a bit of a personal post…..

“Detach yourself from your inner thoughts and demons and letting go of what might happen. Embrace the now.”

I am currently listening to the audiobook ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, which was recommended to me by a friend, but it is a book which has been on my radar for a while.

Eckhart Tolle The power of now

I am not going to lie and say that it is an easy and enjoyable listen because it isn’t. It takes some degree of concentration to comprehend and there are parts of it which I have absolutely no idea what he is trying to say. It is also for this reason that I am not even going to attempt to try and tell you what it is about until I get a greater understanding of it myself.

However, there was one part of it which really resonated with me this morning. ‘FEAR.’ What is it, and why do we fear things? When you think about it, everything we fear is something which hasn’t happened. Something which is in the future. And something which we have absolutely no control over. So why do we fear so much? If we concern ourselves more with the present and what is happening right now, are we able to dispel these fears? It is a really interesting concept and something which I would like to explore further.

Runyon Canyon LA

I knew I had a lot of fears, but it wasn’t until I really started thinking about it that I realised just how many. I have spoken on numerous occasions how the fear of being ridiculed and not knowing everything actually stopped me from becoming a Personal Trainer for so long. I didn’t tell anybody about this blog for nearly 6 months for fear of people laughing at what I had to say. These are just a couple of recent ones which I have had to overcome.

I want to overcome even more. So I am going to share with you some of my biggest fears. I don’t know what sharing them will do, I am not after a reaction and I certainly don’t want people to say ‘Dont be silly you have no reason to worry about that.’ But some part of me thinks it is a good thing to do, so here goes. They are not in any sort of order. Just written down randomly as they came to me:

I fear growing old.

I fear losing my parents.

I fear not finding a boyfriend/husband and being lonely.

I fear my clients all leaving me.

I fear my clients feeling like they have wasted their money and time.

I fear not earning enough money.

I fear losing my friends through not seeing or communicating with them enough.

I fear that I was meant to move away and not stay in Scarborough.

I fear having regrets when I am too old to do anything about them.

I fear people laughing at and making fun of me.

I fear getting fat.

I fear that I don’t have enough knowledge to be in this line of work.

I fear that people don’t think I look like a Personal Trainer.

I know in my heart of hearts that I have no control over these so why do I fear them so much?

So now my focus has got to shift from fear to action. If I fear not earning enough money then I have to find ways of making sure it doesn’t happen. If I fear having regrets, then I have to take chances. If I fear clients leaving me, then I have to make sure I give them the best damn service I can provide so I know if it happens then I will have tried my hardest.

Abbot Kinney sunrise

Who knows what is around the corner? So why do we worry about it so much?

Fear is a strange one. It is something which I want to work towards conquering. I know it wont be easy, and I know it wont be an overnight job. I feel that by acknowledging it though is potentially the first step, and it is now up to me to put more plans in place to combat each and every one of them.

What are you afraid of? What can you do to overcome this fear?

Sorry if this seems a bit of a strange blog post today, but it was something which was on my mind and needed saying. I will report back on how I am getting on, as well as a proper review of the book soon!

Love Abi xxxx

January Blog a Day  10/31

After an indulgent festive period, you may be more tempted than usual to jump on the latest detox, fad diet, slimming pill, unicorn juice diet which is out there. Please don’t. If I aim to promote anything with my social media platforms it is that consistency and good habits will bring about results not these sham money making schemes.

There is no such thing as a detox.

If you see any product or diet being sold with the word ‘detox‘ in the description or title, run the other way, fast. Your body detoxifies itself, therefore has absolutely no need for a super pill or juice to do it for it. Detox is just a fancy word which marketers use to try and lure you in and spend your hard earned cash on a product which will not work how you think it will.

If there was a magic ‘slimming’ or weight loss pill out there, do you not think that you would be able to get it on the NHS? If a company had found the miracle cure for fat loss, do you not think every man and his dog would be using it to get that bikini body?

Slimming Teas – help you drop lbs overnight….yes but so would a laxative which is essentially what a lot of these teas are when you look closely at the ingredients.

Why detoxes are no good

If weight watchers worked then they wouldn’t have a business. They rely on you failing in order to continue to pay your subscription and membership. (Side note: what I do like about Weight watchers/slimming world etc, is the accountability and group aspect – this is a huge contributor to why people have success on plans such as these!)

Juice diets, cabbbage diets, no carb diets, eating just grass diets….. they may all work in the short term as they will put you in a calorie deficit which is what you need to be in in order to lose fat. However, they are so unsustainable that the weight will just go straight back on as soon as you resume eating ‘normally’ again.

Next time you see that friend of a friend of your neighbour’s cousin’s sister; selling a product on Facebook which they promise will deliver you results, just take a step back and question their credentials. Have they got any experience with nutrition or supplementation? Have they got any qualifications? Can they tell you how the product works and back it up with scientifically proven evidence? If the answer is yes, then by all means invest, and then send them in my direction! But I would imagine that the answers to the above questions are more than likely to be negative…

herbalife meme

Eating healthy and working out consistently over time, putting in hard work and making sacrifices, doesn’t sound sexy. It cannot be bottled up in fancy packaging and marketed with a catchy slogan. But it works. It will get you results.

Stop trying to look for a quick fix. It didn’t take 30 days to get in the position you are in at the moment, so it is going to take a bit more than 30 days for you to get to the position you want to be in in the future.

To change, you have to make changes. 

It will mean making some sacrifices, there is no way around it. Things won’t be easy at times. However, if it is important to you then you will find a way.

If you’re interested in a kickstart to a new lifestyle, get in touch and let’s see what we can do!

Love Abi xxxx

Ps this is a brilliant blog by Pete Hitzeman which looks at some of these points in more detail.

January Blog a Day 6/31

You may have seen this workout on Instagram or Facebook if you are following me on there! (If not, then I would love it if you did 🙂 ) But figured it was too good to not share on here as well!

The idea came from watching Steve Cook’s snapchat on December 31st, where he decided to do 2017 Press ups to bring the new year in! 2017 reps in one workout session, how hard could it be?

We decided to break workout up into ‘supersets’. A superset is just two exercises performed back to back. They can be used if you are short on time in the gym or are wanting to train to separate body parts simultaneously, or simply to increase the volume of your workout.

We wanted to do a full body workout and decided on 5 supersets. Each exercise would be performed for 10 reps, and then each superset is done 10 times through. In-between rounds of supersets, perform 200 skips. This equals 2000 reps. Then to finish, everybody’s favourite….17 burpees!


A1) DB Squat 10×10
A2) DB Shoulder Press 10×10

200 skips

B1) Feet raised flute bridge 10×10
B2) Press Ups 10×10

200 skips

C1) Straight leg DB deadlift 10×10
C2) Bentover DB row 10×10

200 skips

D1) Reverse Lunges 10×10
D2) Abs crunches 10×10

200 skips

E1) Plank shoulder taps 10×10
E2) Donkey Kickbacks 10×10

200 skips

F) 17 Burpees

Take as much or as little rest as you need, but the aim is to complete it as fast as possible but with good form. You don’t need to use heavy weights to make this an effective workout!

Grab a friend and have a go! I think this took us about 30-40minutes to complete so great if you are on a time constraint as well. Or you may simply want to mix things up!

Love Abi xxxx

January Blog a Day 4/31

You have decided you are going to go on a diet; would you be surprised if I told you that 40% of americans make a New Years Resolution like this one, yet only 8% of them actually succeed? I wasn’t. I want you to be one of the 8% so here are 5 tips which will help with your diet adherence ie sticking to it long term!

If you want long term changes, you are going to have to make a change. It wont be easy, you will struggle at times. But if your desire to change is strong, you are motivated and consistent then you will succeed.

homemade healthy apple and raspberry crumble

#1 Set yourself a clear goal
Without a goal in mind, how to you know where you are heading or how long it will likely take to get there? Sit down, jot down what you would like to achieve and WHY it is important to you. The why part is what will keep you focused when you want to overindulge or give up.

#2 Don’t call it a diet
A diet simply means what you eat, but we have come to associate the word with restriction and unhappiness surrounding food. This is now just your way of living. It is a lifestyle. Try not to set yourself a number of days that you will change your eating habits for; i.e. I only have to eat like this until my holiday and then I will go back to normal. It won’t work doing this, trust me.

#3 Include foods you enjoy
Food should be sociable and enjoyable to eat. Yes there will be times when you cant eat everything that you want; but if you don’t include a little of what you fancy then chances are you are not going to stick to it. I factor in some chocolate pretty much every day and usually ice cream at some point during the week, as I know without these two favourites I would go mad, plus it is something to look forward to. I much prefer factoring little bits here and there rather than an all out ‘cheat day’ once a week where you are more likely to just binge on everything you have been craving and take yourself out of that weekly calorie deficit which is needed for fat loss.

#4 Don’t be so hard on yourself.
You cant be a perfectionist, life doesn’t work like that. So if you cave and have a biscuit with your mid morning cuppa or an extra few glasses on wine at the weekend; don’t feel guilty about it and restrict yourself for the rest of the day or just give up completely. Realise that it is in the past; you cant change what’s happened and then move on. We all have these blips, it’s important to realise that you are not the only one.

#5 Preparation.
Preparation is key. Yes I know it is boring and you are probably fed up of hearing it but I cannot overestimate enough how much this will help you achieve your goals. From scheduling your workouts at the gym in your diary; to writing up a menu and food shopping list for the week; to spending just a bit of time making meals in bulk, chopping vegetables or just putting together your lunch the night before. All of these things will really help in the long run and set you up for success. Stay tuned for my blog on Saturday when I will be sharing with you a couple of helpful planning resources!

These tips should set you up to win!

If you need anymore help or advice, leave a comment down below or send me a message and I will try my best to get back to you!

Love Abi xxxx

January Blog a Day 3/31