My Top 10 Thailand Tips

Try Foods other than Pad Thai! There is much more to Thailand than their famous exported noodle dish, aim to sample as many different dishes as you can and find your favourite!

Pineapple Fried Rice

Have a Banana Nutella pancake. Don’t even think about how many calories it might contain; just enjoy every bite.

You must try the local thai whisky ‘Sansom’ at least once. It might taste a bit like paint stripper but I promise it will lead to a good night.

Eat where you see Thai people eating. Some of the best food you will find is from the street stalls or the small restaurants with plastic chairs and tablecloths.

Thai Street Food, Patong

A ping pong show isn’t what you imagine a ping pong show to be.

It is fun to barter whilst out shopping, but have a price in mind which you are willing to pay for an item. That 20 baht which you are arguing over equates to about 40p.

Take trips and see everything which this amazing country has to offer. But realise that they aren’t the best at time keeping, don’t get flustered and mad, you’re wasting energy; its Thai time and you will get there in due course.

Khao Lak Beach

Do not insult the Royal Family.

Realise that you take your life in your hands every time you get in a taxi, jump in a ‘tuktuk’, on the back of a moped or attempt to cross the road.

TukTuk Patong, Bangla Road

Smile. It isn’t called the land of smiles for nothing. One smile will get you a long way.


Love Abi xxx

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