29th: Ireland have become the first country to stop investing in fossil fuels

30th: 80% of gym members don’t use their memberships

31st: Anxiety affects 7.3% of the worlds population.

1st February: For every extra 7g per day of fibre eaten there is a 9% reduction in cardiovascular disease, 9% reduction in heart attacks, 7% reduction in strokes and 6% reduction in type 2 diabetes.

2nd: 1.23 billion people log on to Facebook daily. The most common age demographic is 25 to 34 representing 29% of users. Five new profiles are created every second! On Thursdays and Fridays engagement is 18% higher. 300 million photos are uploaded every day.

3rd: Instagram has 400million daily active users, that is an increase by 100 million in just a year.

4th: South East Murcia in Spain provides 80% of Europe’s fresh produce

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