May Favourites! Ice cream sandwiches and popcorn?!

I genuinely cant believe it has come around to the end of the month again when I write up my favourites! It barely seems two minutes since I was doing the same post for April! Again this is just a little random mix of some of the things which I have been trying recently.

Tesco Finest Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Popcorn with a kick of Black Pepper

*Warning* this stuff is addictive and it will be incredibly difficult to stick to the recommended serving size!! I rarely go to Tescos as the lighting in there gives me a headache (random yes I know) but every now and then I go to stock up on some things I cant get elsewhere, and always have a little peruse of the aisles to see what new products they have brought out. There were three new flavours of popcorn which caught my eye. The fancy black packaging probably did it as it makes them look a bit more fancy then your regular popcorn! The flavours were ‘Dark Chocolate, Strawberry and black pepper,’ ‘Peppermint Dream with creamy white chocolate’ and ‘Toffee Nut Latte with white chocolate.’ Hmmm how good do they all sound! I opted for the Dark Chocolate one to try out first.

Untitled design-94.jpg

The photo doesn’t do justice to the amount of dark chocolate there is!

AMAZING. The dark chocolate doesn’t taste cheap at all, the strawberry doesn’t taste synthetic and every now and then you get a little bit of black pepper, but definitely not enough to overpower the taste of toffee, dark chocolate and strawberry! Like I mentioned before, you will have to ration yourself as it would be so so easy to devour the whole bag in one. I then went back the following week as i had to see if the other flavours were just as good, unfortunately the peppermint and white chocolate one definitely didnt, in fact after a few bites it went in the bin. The flavours just didn’t match up together at all. Next up will be the Toffee Nut Latte!
Macros and calories aren’t the greatest, but if you are able to restrain yourself then I highly recommend getting some.

PES Snickerdoodle Protein

PES-SELECT-PROTEIN-BLEND-4LB-SNICKERDOODLE-RECOVERY-TAMPA-SUPPLEMENTS-DNCSUPPLEMENTSAt bodypower I must have sampled well over 20 different types of protein, pre workouts, BCAAs, greens drinks, to the point where I couldn’t tell you which ones belonged to which company.
However one sample definitely stood out and that was this flavour from PEScience. They are an American brand, so didn’t have a full stand at Bodypower as they are only gradually beginning to launch their products over here. I tried this sample at the ‘Protein Pick and Mix stand’ (yes basically a sweet shop but with different protein bars, nut butters, drinks etc!)
Again…you do not NEED protein powder or supplements to get the results you want, go ahead and read my blog here all about protein if you haven’t already!
I had heard about this flavour protein from some of the instagram and youtube accounts which I follow so was hoping to be able to try some and it certainly didn’t disappoint! So good. Like a sweet cinnamon, biscuity taste. Really creamy even though it was made with water. Unfortunately they didn’t have any samples for me to take away but I have already placed an order to get a tub but as the suppliers are limited over here it was a little bit more expensive than what I would normally pay for protein. Hopefully they will start bringing out more of their products here as I have tried a couple of their other products and really liked them! £28.99 from There is also a voucher code BP10 which saves you 10% off everything on site at the moment!

It is a mix of fast acting whey protein and slower releasing casein. The macros per serving are: 110 calories; 24g Protein; <1g Carbs and 1.5g Fat.

Sugar Free Lucozade 

Fizzy lucozade orange just reminds me of Sunday mornings at U
niversity where it became a bit of staple to get through the day after the evening before! But the unnecessarily high calorie content has put me off buying them since…until now! I got way too excited when I noticed this new release in Morrisons a couple of weeks ago. They taste exactly like their full sugar counterparts, so I would highly recommend that if you are opting for a lucazade you go for this option. The same goes for all drinks, if there is a diet/no sugar option, then opt for that and save yourself tons of calories in the process. I have tried both the orange and pink lemonade flavours and probably can’t pick a favourite!

The number of times which I see people in the gym sipping on a lucozade which probably has way more calories in it then they will burn off during the session, is way too high. The chances of you actually needed a lucozade to get through your session is very very slim, if you are in the gym for less than 60minutes then water will be sufficient. It should only really be recommended for longer duration and intensity sessions lasting upwards of 90minutes. If you have eaten a good meal 3-4 hours before training then you will have enough fuel in you to train.

Aldi ‘Cookies n Ice-Cream Sandwiches’

What would a monthly favourites be without some sort of ice-cream product?! These new ice cream sandwiches from Aldi are really only an imitation of the Oreo Ice cream sandwich. The biscuit part of the sandwich is soft like you find with other brands, personally I would prefer a proper cookie but realise that for a lower calorie/budget option this probably isn’t an option! They are fairly big, and one will satisfy any cravings which you have. I have been eyeing the Ben and Jerrys versions up, but am yet to give in to temptation and buy them!Untitled design-95

Macros per serving: 126 calories; 2.3g Protein; 18g Carbs; 4.7g Fat. 

I can’t remember how much it was for a box of six but I am guessing it was no more than £2! There was a regular a different variety available however the calories and macros were much higher so be wary!

Frog Thrusters

This has sky rocketed to one of my favourite flute burnout exercises at the end of a session! I included it in one of my flute videos a couple of weeks ago after seeing it on the social media of Bret Contreras, ‘the Glute Guy.’ It may get you a couple of strange looks in the gym, but I say just go for it! However if you do feel slightly uncomfortable then do it in the confinements of your own home!
You want to lay flat on your back with the soles of your feet together, then squeeze your glutes and raise your hips towards the ceiling. 4 sets of 20 of these and your bum will be on fire! Or you can try out the circuit which I uploaded which has the seal of approval from the man himself!

FullSizeRender 26

Maui & Sons Coconut Chips

IMG_9205My client Charlie first brought me back a couple of packs of these coconut flakes from a trip away. They are lightly roasted coconut flakes and you can get them with or without a chocolate coating. I have been getting them from Poundland but I think Charlie managed to get them in Primark of all places! They do say on the back that they are a product of Thailand and I am pretty sure that I have had some sort of variation of them whilst on holiday there. There is limited ingredients in both packs which I really like.
For half the bag of the chocolate covered flakes it is 90 calories; negligible protein, 10g carbs and 6g fat, and you do get a substantial portion for that amount. I have just been snacking on them straight from the bag or having on top of yoghurt with some fruit as a dessert.
Charlie mentioned that she uses the regular coconut ones mixed into rice when making curries which I think sounds amazing but am yet to try just yet!

Adidas Tubular Viral Trainer

IMG_9267A trip to bodypower was a good enough reason to order some new trainers! It was a big deal for me to veer away from my usual nikes, but I really liked the look of these so took the plunge. They are beautiful. So so comfy, even after walking around an expo for hours on end. I was also extremely surprised to finish the day with them still completely clean! They will remain in the box and definitely wont be worn if there is any chance of rain! I have already been looking at buying some more in a different colour! They aren’t suitable for the gym due to the type of sole, but for casual summer wear they will no doubt become my shoe of choice!

I am loving all the new products which are coming out for summer and wish I could try them all, especially everything in Marks and Spencers! If there is anything in particular you think I would like then as usual just let me know! Or if you have any feedback at all then get in touch!


Love Abi xxx


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