Motivation Monday 3

I was guilty of this last year. I didn’t invest enough time into my own well being. I was so caught up with trying to improve my business, become the best Personal Trainer out there, work every hour that was requested, that looking after myself simply took a back seat.

I was conscious of what I was doing which is probably even worse.

I am not where I want to be yet in terms of business, therefore my rationale is that I must work harder.

“You are your most valuable asset.”

However the key is not to work harder, but to be work more efficiently and effectively. To do this you must be functioning at your absolute best.

So how have I changed this year?

spending 10 minutes meditating every morning
using my planner so my time doesn’t go to waste
scheduling 30minutes to read every afternoon
scheduling my workouts in at the beginning of the week
booking hair, nail appointments in advance – feeling good on the outside is just as important
continuing my education with the Shredded By Science Personal Trainer academy
sunday evenings are for setting things up ready for a good week

These may not seem like very much, but I do think they are helping and I hope that it is helping my relationships with those around me too.

Love Abi xxxx

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