How to not suck at dieting.

You have decided you are going to go on a diet; would you be surprised if I told you that 40% of americans make a New Years Resolution like this one, yet only 8% of them actually succeed? I wasn’t. I want you to be one of the 8% so here are 5 tips which will help with your diet adherence ie sticking to it long term!

If you want long term changes, you are going to have to make a change. It wont be easy, you will struggle at times. But if your desire to change is strong, you are motivated and consistent then you will succeed.

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#1 Set yourself a clear goal
Without a goal in mind, how to you know where you are heading or how long it will likely take to get there? Sit down, jot down what you would like to achieve and WHY it is important to you. The why part is what will keep you focused when you want to overindulge or give up.

#2 Don’t call it a diet
A diet simply means what you eat, but we have come to associate the word with restriction and unhappiness surrounding food. This is now just your way of living. It is a lifestyle. Try not to set yourself a number of days that you will change your eating habits for; i.e. I only have to eat like this until my holiday and then I will go back to normal. It won’t work doing this, trust me.

#3 Include foods you enjoy
Food should be sociable and enjoyable to eat. Yes there will be times when you cant eat everything that you want; but if you don’t include a little of what you fancy then chances are you are not going to stick to it. I factor in some chocolate pretty much every day and usually ice cream at some point during the week, as I know without these two favourites I would go mad, plus it is something to look forward to. I much prefer factoring little bits here and there rather than an all out ‘cheat day’ once a week where you are more likely to just binge on everything you have been craving and take yourself out of that weekly calorie deficit which is needed for fat loss.

#4 Don’t be so hard on yourself.
You cant be a perfectionist, life doesn’t work like that. So if you cave and have a biscuit with your mid morning cuppa or an extra few glasses on wine at the weekend; don’t feel guilty about it and restrict yourself for the rest of the day or just give up completely. Realise that it is in the past; you cant change what’s happened and then move on. We all have these blips, it’s important to realise that you are not the only one.

#5 Preparation.
Preparation is key. Yes I know it is boring and you are probably fed up of hearing it but I cannot overestimate enough how much this will help you achieve your goals. From scheduling your workouts at the gym in your diary; to writing up a menu and food shopping list for the week; to spending just a bit of time making meals in bulk, chopping vegetables or just putting together your lunch the night before. All of these things will really help in the long run and set you up for success. Stay tuned for my blog on Saturday when I will be sharing with you a couple of helpful planning resources!

These tips should set you up to win!

If you need anymore help or advice, leave a comment down below or send me a message and I will try my best to get back to you!

Love Abi xxxx

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