October Favourites – I’ve got my mojo back!

October was the month when I found my mojo again! After a bit of a miserable month in and out of hospital and not feeling very well in September, this month I finally feel like I am getting back to my best!

The beginning of the month saw me visit Los Angeles with my sister for a week, (sorry for all the photo spam on various social media!). It was amazing and I am so glad I went in the end as I was close to cancelling. It gave me a chance to focus on me and just get myself better in general. We did so much; lots of new gym classes, walking, eating healthy food, gym time, eating not so healthy food, plus much more! I came home rejuvenated and buzzing with lots of ideas on how to grow my business.

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I discovered lots of new favourites whilst away; cinnamon and caramel popcorn; almond brittle ice cream, Barry’s Bootcamp gym class; blue Monster energy drink; food trucks…. BUT I want to be able to share things on here which you can try for yourselves, and luckily there has been plenty since returning to fill you in on!

OPPO Salted Caramel Ice-cream
I had seen this brand of ‘healthy’ ice cream all over social media in the past year, everybody seemed to be trying it and loving it and I have been desperate to get some as you all know how much I love my ice cream. Thinly place I could find it around Scarborough was Holland and Barrett, and although my passion for ice cream is big, I am not going to fork out £5.99 for a tub! So when I heard that Heron Foods were selling it for £2 I got myself down there pronto and stocked up.

You may be wondering why I wanted to try it so much, what is special about it. Well the whole 500ml tub comes out at only 386 calories!! In comparison, a tub of Haagen Daaz Salted Caramel (which is incredible) is 1220! It is made from ‘cold pressed coconut oil, stevia leaf and fresh milk,’ the flavour of caramel comes from a Peruvian fruit known as lucuma.


It is lovely, I won’t lie and say it is as creamy as your Haagen Diaz or Ben and Jerry’s but it will certainly pass for ice cream in my book. It tastes of salted caramel and with such low calories it is a great alternative if you have a super sweet tooth like myself!

You can get a voucher for £1 discount if you download a voucher from their website, oppoicecream.co.uk which also lists all the stockists. I need to get my hands on the Mint and Vanilla flavours now!!

Walkers Sunbites Wholegrain Popcorn; Sweet and Salty Flavour
Popcorn is a great snack, it is low calorie for a generous portion, and who doesn’t want to feel like they are eating more?! This pack comes in at just 59 calories and is a generous serving size. Usually on offer for £1 for a pack of 6 as well, I always try and get individual serving sizes as you are less likely to overeat as opposed to opening a big family sized bag.

The flavour of this is great, and there aren’t many unpeopled kernels which is so annoying with some brands!!

Available at Tesco.

Muller Light – Apple Crumble and Custard Flavour Yoghurt
There seem to be a few new flavours of yoghurt being released at the moment; some good and some not so good (pumpkin spiced Muller corner I am looking at you in particular :-/!) I had seen this one on a clients instagram and finally found it in Morrisons last week. It is part of a new limited edition Crumble inspired range so there is also a rhubarb one to discover somewhere.

I wondered how they would get the flavour across in a yoghurt, but you really can taste both elements! There are little chunks of sweet apple, and the yoghurt is rich and custard like, with a tiny hint of cinnamon. One thing i like about this yoghurt is the amount of protein it contains, as usually yoghurts are pumped full of sugar and thus carbohydrates. Surprisingly this one is only 86 calories and it feels like a treat at the end of a meal!

IMG_2193.jpgThis range of yoghurts are currently 6 for £3 at Morrisons and Tescos, or 12 for £3 if you are lucky enough to live near an Asda!  My other favourites from the range are the Vanilla and Dark Chocolate or the Smooth Toffee.

Popchips Ridges
For anybody who’s weakness is savoury foods such as crisps, these are a great alternative. They are new, and I found them in Sainsbury’s. As they are popped and not fried, they don’t contain anywhere near as much fat as regular crisps (50%less according to the packet) I have now tried the smoky bacon and salt and vinegar flavours and can recommend them both.

The ridged ones also come in ‘Crazy Hot’ and ‘Mature Chedder and Onion’ flavours. The regular popchips are another option and come in a variety of flavours too (BBQ is my favourite!)

A serving size is 23g and comes to under 100 calories. One to remember for those Christmas nibbles I think!

Currently available at Sainsburys for £1.80/pack.

Cheat’s Mocha
In LA I became one of those people with a ridiculous coffee order, simply down to all the available options! At home I am a simple black americano girl! I also discovered my love for iced coffee, but we are defo not entering the best time of year to be consuming those! So instead I have been making up my own version of a mocha!

I have been using the Vanilla flavoured coffee from Beanies (which I featured in a blog post a few months ago) and a serving of the Options hot chocolate, and some coconut or unsweetened almond milk. So creamy and delicious, it has become my mid morning go to drink if i am at home. At only 59 calories as opposed to a similar version in Costa which is listed on their website as being 227!


You could use any coffee or any flavour of the Hot Chocolate to make a personal favourite!

Spotify Music for Concentration
I read a lot about the benefits of meditation for your mindset and setting you up for a productive and positive day, and I have tried it on a few occasions but really struggled to switch my mind off. I wondered if I could just use the backing music to help me relax and concentrate whilst working on the laptop throughout the day.

I found this playlist on spotify, and it has honestly really helped. It could be the placebo effect but i do feel like I am calmer, more focused and thus more productive when I have it on it the background.

I wrote about the benefits of music whilst working out in the gym, but I have seen benefits from implementing music  into my other work as well. I especially feel the benefits if I am a bit stressed and my mind is whizzing all over the place, it just calms me down, I can get all my thoughts together and get on with a specific task rather than trying to do a million things at once and not accomplishing anything!

I would highly recommend giving it ago if you struggle to concentrate either at work or if you are studying for anything in general.

Plenty of favourites for you to have a try for yourselves! I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do writing and researching them! Once again, anything you think I need to try let me know!

Love Abi xxx

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