PROTEIN BAR REVIEW – Oh Yeah Low Carb Bars

I think it is fair to say that I sampled my enough protein bars whilst i was away in Los Angeles. I think that it is great how you can purchase them at practically any shop alongside your regular chocolate bars and snacks. It certainly makes choosing a better snack whilst on the go a lot easier rather than having to be prepared all the time.

I wanted to try a lot of the different bars which I hadn’t managed to try yet here in the UK. Some were good, some were disgusting. One has possibly become my favourite protein bar of choice, another I genuinely had to spit out as it was that bad.

Protein bars are not necessary in any diet, they are just simply a convenience. I will link my blog post here on protein powder which I think covers a lot of the same thoughts. I like to have a variety in the cupboard for when i am rushed on a morning and might need something or if i am out and about all day and know that I won’t have access to the best quality food.

Oh Yeah One Bars!

I have tried a couple of flavours by this brand in the past, as managed to get a few samples at Bodypower back in April, we managed to try a couple of new flavours though whilst away. I had spied online their new Cinnamon Roll flavour which I needed to get my hands on as well as the Chocolate birthday cake flavour. There also seems to be a bit of a difference in naming across the pond, over here they are called ‘Oh Yeah Low Carb Bars’ whereas in the states they are just ‘Oh Yeah One Bars’, not sure of the reason but they are the same!!


Cinnamon Roll: This bar is now up there as possibly one of my favourites. It is honestly that good. It is soft and not overly chewy that you feel like your teeth may fall out which can be the case with certain other bars! The taste is sweet and cinnamoney as you would expect but not too powerful. Between us we rated this one 10/10 for texture, flavour and macro split. (yes we did rate every bar which we ate ?)

The Oh Yeah bars are all high in fibre and this one was no exception; therefore they are great if you struggle to hit fibre targets from other sources. It is high in protein and pretty low in fat for a bar.

Calories : 210

Protein: 22g; Carbs: 25g (fibre 10g) and Fat: 7g


Chocolate Birthday Cake: I had tried the regular Birthday cake flavour bar a few months ago and to be honest wasn’t all that impressed with the flavour, it was basically just a vanilla bar with sprinkles on. Don’t get me wrong, the texture and flavour was still great but just wasn’t like birthday cake! I wondered whether this might be the same with the chocolate version, but obviously still had to try!

Unfortunately I was right, just a standard chocolate flavour bar with added sprinkles on top, which went everywhere as you ate it! Still a good bar but certainly not in the same league as the Cinnamon flavour. I would buy again but wouldn’t commit to a whole box! 7/10 for flavour; 10/10 for texture and 9/10 for macros.

Calories: 210

Protein: 22g; Carbs 25g (fibre 10g) and Fat 7g.

I have had a look online since coming home and think the best place to source them is This website is also great because you can make up a mixed box of different flavours to try, rather than committing to just the one! But it does appear that the cinnamon flavour is currently out of stock. ?If you wanted to trust me 100% and take a leap of faith, you can order a full box at  for £24.99.


Overall i would say that this brand gets a thumbs up from me and I will be buying again when my current stock levels start to run low ?.

I have plenty more reviews lined up for you so keep your eyes peeled!

Love Abi xxx



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