Workout Wednesday | Ouch my ABS!

It is time for another little workout inspiration for you! This week, we are looking at some abs and core exercises. We all know that ABS are are combination of good diet and exercise. Unless you lose fat overall, then your abs will not be visible, even if you do insist on doing 1000 crunches in your bedroom every night.

You cannot spot reduce fat!

Unfortunately, your body loses it from wherever it wants, in whatever order it wants.

But we can do some exercises focusing on the core and abs to help strengthen them and get that six pack to peak out a little bit when the time comes!

This week I have used a similar protocol with some of my clients, it is based on a tabata workout. Tabata workouts may look short, but they are intense. 20seconds rest then 10 seconds rest, and repeat 8 times through. So each round only lasts 4 minutes!!

I have come up with 3 separate tabata sets for you to try.

A1) Up and Down Plank
A2) Shoulder Taps

B1) Alternate Toe Taps
B2) Leg Lowers

C1) Full Crunches
C2) Scissor Crunches

So this workout should take you 12 minutes total!! But maybe take a minute rest in between each tabata set to catch your breath!

If you have a go let me know how you get on!!

If there are any types of workouts which you would like me to type up and film then just let me know!

Love Abi xxxx

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