week 24 : what have I been learning about this week? Plus the trials and tribulations of a Personal Trainer/Entrepreneur in training

Right let me update you on what has been going on in Abi’s world…week 24…

This week has been very similar  to the same time last year…about 5 /6 weeks until people go on holiday, so they are starting to worry about getting in shape and I have had multiple people contact me in regards to training! This is great, but is something which I really want to stop next year!! Fitness and health should not just be a 6 week quick fix in a panic before your summer holiday every year. It needs to become just a part of your lifestyle; something which you do every day, every week, throughout the year; so that when it comes to the end of June/July and days in the sun are looming, you are not desperate to make changes and look for that quick fix to get you in shape!

abi durrant fitness

I have been able to take on a couple of new clients, but unfortunately my books are now full until September. I feel so guilty turning people down, but I simply could not offer the service which my current clients and myself have come to expect of me. This has had my brain whirring, I needed to come up with a solution! So the idea of ‘Abi at Home’ has been born. It is still in the really early planning stages, however it is something which I am hoping to roll out soon. A subscription area with different workouts to do, recipe ideas, meal plans, exercise guides etc. Like I said this is still in the preliminary stages, but if this is something which you would be interested in then please let me know!


In the meantime I would love  you to subscribe to my weekly newsletter! This is a new string to my bow, where I am hoping to share with you every Sunday morning my best pieces of content as well as any up coming news and ideas!

In last weeks newsletter, I asked everybody to focus on a couple of goals for July. My goal was to try and get out at least once a week for some ‘switch off’ time, away from my laptop, phone, daily life. I joke that if you need me you will find me in the gym, at my kitchen table, in morrisons or in bed. I find myself getting so wrapped up in what I want to achieve that I sometimes just forget to ‘live.’ So on Monday, after speaking with a client earlier in the day, I took myself off to Flamborough Head for a couple of hours. It was lovely and much needed. As I go to London this week to see my sister my diary is looking pretty full beginning of the week but I will do my best to get some time in somewhere!

flamborough head

I went to a seminar last Thursday at Yorkshire in Business, which was ran by Mark Simpson of Boostly and was all about how to use Facebook for business. Although a lot of the information wasn’t new to me, it was still great experience and I am sure i picked up a couple of nuggets which I can use to help! It is amazing some of the things which you can now do on Facebook!

I then was able to catch up with Mark on Friday for a coffee as he has been such a help in terms of having somebody outside of the ‘Abi bubble’ to talk business and strategy with. We discussed a few new ideas which I am hoping to put into place in the coming months! (We met at Costa, which is not a patch on Espresso Yourself, my favourite coffee shop in Scarborough!!)

I uploaded a video to my Youtube channel in the week answering a question which I frequently get asked in regards to meal frequency and meal timing. Go and check it out if this is something which you have ever wondered before! YOUTUBE. 

abi durrant youtube

Training has gone really well this week. I completed a circuit by Andy McKenzie on Friday afternoon, to mix things up but I felt great afterwards! Have a go if you fancy something different this week!

As I mentioned briefly above, I am going to visit my sister in London Thursday – Sunday. This will tick off another of my #30B430 goals for the year. My best friend Charlotte also lives there so will be seeing her on Friday, and she has already txt me to see if there is anywhere in particular I want to visit to get some good Instagram photos! I don’t think we have made any plans, so if you have any recommendations on places to go, things to eat then send them my way! I am hoping to get in a couple of different workouts if possible as you know that this is one of my favourite things to do when travelling.

Countdown to holiday is now less than 5 weeks….

So time to show you what I have learnt in week 24!

25th: In York it is still legal to shoot a Scotsman with a bow and arrow on any day apart from a Sunday!

26th: A puffin’s beak (or bill) changes colour during the year. In winter, the beak has a dull grey colour, but in spring it blooms with an outrageous orange! It’s thought that the bright colour helps puffins assess potential mates.

27th: Chocolate is best eaten at 18-20 degrees.

28th: The coldest UK June on record was 2015, when average temperatures were only 11.5degrees. (today felt like it should have been the coldest June day ever!!!)

29th: The lotus flower symbolises growth, rebirth and overcoming adversity. This is because the roots are in based in mud, it then submerges every night into murky river water, and—undeterred by its dirty environment—it miraculously re-blooms the next morning without residue on its petals.

30th: The Bermuda triangle covers an area of 440,00 miles at sea. At least 1000 lives are lost within the last 100 years. On average, 4 aircraft and 20 yachts go missing every year.

1st July: Trimethylxanthine is the chemical name for caffeine. 400mg is the recommended safe amount for adults to consume daily. A regular cup of coffee contains about 100mg.


Love Abi xxxx

If you don't prioritise your life somebody else will

I love this quote from Greg McKeown, author of the book ‘Essentialism.’ You are in charge of your life, do with it what you want. If you don’t decide your own fate then somebody will decide it for you. Go after what you want, don’t be afraid to take risks and take the path less trodden.

I am so guilty of this, just letting life pass me by and not realising what I truly want. But the year has started off positively and I am trying to change this mindset.

Love Abi xxxx

January Blog a Day 30/31

Fear. Why does it cripple us so much?

Bare with me. This is a bit of a personal post…..

“Detach yourself from your inner thoughts and demons and letting go of what might happen. Embrace the now.”

I am currently listening to the audiobook ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, which was recommended to me by a friend, but it is a book which has been on my radar for a while.

Eckhart Tolle The power of now

I am not going to lie and say that it is an easy and enjoyable listen because it isn’t. It takes some degree of concentration to comprehend and there are parts of it which I have absolutely no idea what he is trying to say. It is also for this reason that I am not even going to attempt to try and tell you what it is about until I get a greater understanding of it myself.

However, there was one part of it which really resonated with me this morning. ‘FEAR.’ What is it, and why do we fear things? When you think about it, everything we fear is something which hasn’t happened. Something which is in the future. And something which we have absolutely no control over. So why do we fear so much? If we concern ourselves more with the present and what is happening right now, are we able to dispel these fears? It is a really interesting concept and something which I would like to explore further.

Runyon Canyon LA

I knew I had a lot of fears, but it wasn’t until I really started thinking about it that I realised just how many. I have spoken on numerous occasions how the fear of being ridiculed and not knowing everything actually stopped me from becoming a Personal Trainer for so long. I didn’t tell anybody about this blog for nearly 6 months for fear of people laughing at what I had to say. These are just a couple of recent ones which I have had to overcome.

I want to overcome even more. So I am going to share with you some of my biggest fears. I don’t know what sharing them will do, I am not after a reaction and I certainly don’t want people to say ‘Dont be silly you have no reason to worry about that.’ But some part of me thinks it is a good thing to do, so here goes. They are not in any sort of order. Just written down randomly as they came to me:

I fear growing old.

I fear losing my parents.

I fear not finding a boyfriend/husband and being lonely.

I fear my clients all leaving me.

I fear my clients feeling like they have wasted their money and time.

I fear not earning enough money.

I fear losing my friends through not seeing or communicating with them enough.

I fear that I was meant to move away and not stay in Scarborough.

I fear having regrets when I am too old to do anything about them.

I fear people laughing at and making fun of me.

I fear getting fat.

I fear that I don’t have enough knowledge to be in this line of work.

I fear that people don’t think I look like a Personal Trainer.

I know in my heart of hearts that I have no control over these so why do I fear them so much?

So now my focus has got to shift from fear to action. If I fear not earning enough money then I have to find ways of making sure it doesn’t happen. If I fear having regrets, then I have to take chances. If I fear clients leaving me, then I have to make sure I give them the best damn service I can provide so I know if it happens then I will have tried my hardest.

Abbot Kinney sunrise

Who knows what is around the corner? So why do we worry about it so much?

Fear is a strange one. It is something which I want to work towards conquering. I know it wont be easy, and I know it wont be an overnight job. I feel that by acknowledging it though is potentially the first step, and it is now up to me to put more plans in place to combat each and every one of them.

What are you afraid of? What can you do to overcome this fear?

Sorry if this seems a bit of a strange blog post today, but it was something which was on my mind and needed saying. I will report back on how I am getting on, as well as a proper review of the book soon!

Love Abi xxxx

January Blog a Day  10/31

I would hazard a guess that 99% of people are feeling a bit sluggish and ‘meh’ after the festive period, myself included. So I wanted to share a few of the things which I like to do to get myself back on track and hit the ground running in 2017!

#1 Set goals
I am big on setting goals in case you hadn’t already realised.

How do you know which road to take if you don’t know where you are going?

Passion Planner Diary for setting goals

I like to set long term goals and then break them down into smaller ones. I love my Passion Planner Diary which makes laying out these goals and targets even easier, from yearly to monthly to weekly to daily. I like having structure and this really helps me and focuses my mind on what I want to achieve and what steps I need to take in order to get there. Take a look at the blog which I published yesterday on how I like to come up with my own goals!

#2 Drink Water
Cliché, yes I know. But I cannot stress the important of this one. (I have a whole blog post on the subject here.) Make sure you are getting in your 2 litres a day. If you are retaining any post festive water weight this will help flush it out. Your skin will thank you for it and in general your body will just start functioning a whole lot better. I am guilty of letting my consumption drop when I get busy and especially when it is cold outside, so I have got myself a new water bottle to carry around and ensure I am fully hydrated. And sorry, it will mean you will need the toilet more.

#3 Schedule your gym sessions
This is now a big one for me. Ever since returning from LA in October I have been scheduling my workouts into my diary and blocking out that slot to stop me from arranging anything else. This has made me so much more accountable and I haven’t missed a session from doing this yet. Write down when you intend to go to the gym and stick to it!!

Abi Durrant Personal tRAINER

New year also means a new gym split and workout for me to freshen things up and keep me motivated and progressing. I recommend you do the same. Have a look online for ideas or get in touch and I am sure I can help!

#4 Eat Fresh whole foods
I am a huge advocate of flexible dieting and not restricting yourself, however I know myself I can bend the rules a little too much and be a bit excessive on the chocolate consumption or helping myself to a handful of crisps if they are open and making it ‘fit my macros.’ I feel 10x better when I focus on making all my meals from whole foods sources. So this week I will be cutting out the ‘crap’ and getting all the goodness back into me.

The Butchers Daughter, Los Angeles

#5 Go for a walk
Nothing clears my head like going for a walk. I love just plugging my earphones in, putting a podcast on and stretching my legs. I definitely don’t do cardio as much as I should, for no other reason than I use the excuse that I don’t have time. Getting a sweat on, as much as you maybe don’t want to, will release those feel good endorphins and afterwards you will feel amazing. I am going to make sure I do some sort of cardio whether its just a walk, some sprints or some conditioning in the gym a couple of times a week.

Runyon Canyon, LA


I have saved the most important point for last. Above all, if you want results consistency will trump perfection every time. (PS Perfection doesn’t even exist!) If you are consistent with your efforts day in and day out you are much more likely to reach your goals rather than trying to be perfect at everything, failing and throwing the towel in.

There is no short term fix for success.

In a world where we all want instant gratification this can sometimes seem hard to fathom, but at the end of the day if you really want to make a change, things have to change and there has to be some sort of sacrifice on your part; start off small and you will soon be flying towards your goals!

Get in touch if you need any more help!

Love Abi xxxx

-January Blog a Day 2/31

The Process of Goal Setting

So as usual with the turning of the new year, it inevitably leads us to thinking about a fresh start. It is a chance to start again with a blank sheet of paper. Forget what happened last year and focus on making this one better. Or that is what we are all programmed to think.

I am sure you have heard plenty of people over the past few days talking about their New Years Resolutions; what big plans they have for this year ahead, you have probably thought about and made some for yourself too. But I bet you haven’t heard or thought about how they are going to be achieved? This is where the problem lies, when in a few days, weeks, months, these resolutions which were made with the best intentions fall by the wayside.

You may have the destination in mind, but unfortunately if you don’t have a map of how to get there then chances are you will never end up leaving the same spot, or just end up somewhere completely different.

Runyon Canyon. Los Angeles

I don’t want this to happen to you. So let’s try and help these resolutions come true this year!

1) Write them down
I am big on goal setting, I try and set them daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. My Passion Planner has been a major contributor towards helping me do this. Writing things down makes them seem all the more real and concrete. So that is the place to start. Get a pen and paper and write them down.

2) Make them SMART
This second point is perhaps the most important. Some of you may have seen of heard about SMART goals, but have you truly used the acronym yourself when setting goals or resolutions for yourself? Let’s have a look at what each letter stands for and how to relate it to a goal which is pretty popular this time of year. “This year I will get fit.”

The above goal is so vague. There is no real goal within that statement. So instead how are you going to get fit? Are you going to start going to the gym, pick up running, join a dance class? Are you going to join the gym near your house or work? Which class are you going to start? Is there a running club you can join?
“This year I am going to go to start going to the gym twice a week.”

There are a few ways to measure fitness, but you need to choose how you want to personally measure it. This could be body measurements, body fat %, how fast you run a 5km, how much weight you can lift in the gym etc,
“This year I am going to start going to the gym twice a week in an effort to improve my 10km running time by 5 minutes.”

If you have never ran before in your life, is it realistic to think that you are going to be able to dedicate yourself to a running 5 times a week at 6am before work? I would hazard a guess that you would do really well at this for a week before finding excuses, 6 times a week becomes 5, 5 becomes 3 and before you know it you don’t even bother setting your alarm any more. Rather than doing this, start small. Choose a manageable target, if it becomes easy you can always increase it as time goes by.

Is your goal actually relevant to your life, is getting fit going to benefit you and those close to you?

If it is a 2017 resolution, this could mean you reassess at the end of the year. However you could set yourself smaller targets to hit throughout the year to ensure that you are remaining on track towards the greater goal.
“This year I am going to start going to the gym in order to improve my 10km running time. I am going to test my time every 3 months throughout the year.

Passion Planner

3) Find your why.
This is a tough one. Why do you want to achieve your goal? Why is it important to you? How will it impact your life when you do so? Do you want to get fitter, and improve your running time in order to improve your health? Is there a race which you want to compete in? Do you want to improve your cardio health so that you can keep up with your kids when playing in the garden or having a kick about with your mates in the park. Find your why, and then whenever things get tough, think back to it and remember why you are doing what you are doing. I guarantee you will be less inclined to give up.

4) Be accountable.
If nobody knows what you are trying to do, then nobody will know if you skip the gym today will they? Find somebody to answer to and let them in on what you want to do and why. This could be your better half, a friend, somebody at work; but become accountable. You will be less inclined to hit that snooze button if you have to let somebody down by doing so.

So what are my goals? I have a lot this year. But here are just a couple to try and inspire you.

I want to grow my blog subscribers to X number of people by the end of June. I want to reach and help more people with their health and fitness. To do this I am going to increase how often I post as well as the quality of my content. This means that for the month of January I am going to post a blog every single day and then I will do at least 2 posts per week.

1) It is written down here for everyone to see, as well as in my Passion Planner. 
2)It is a SMART goal: It is specific – rather than just say ‘grow my social media’ I have narrowed it down to my blog and website in particular.
It is measurable – I have a certain number of subscribers in mind.
It is attainable – I believe I have the time and material to come up a post for every single day.
It is relevant – growing my blog will benefit my business as a whole in my opinion.
It is time framed – I have set myself the target to reach by the end of June.

3) My why is that I want to help more people with their health and fitness. I believe that I have the knowledge to share to improve a lot of lives. But if I only impact one person with what I know then I will be happy and I will have done my job.

4) Be accountable. I have know committed to posting every day on here so I am accountable to my readers. My sister also knows where I want my business to grow to in the future so I am sure will be checking in with how I am doing!

Abbot Kinney, Wall art

I want to take better care of myself. I need to do this to feel good about myself but also ensure that I am fit and healthy in order to deliver my best self for my business, my family and my friends. I will do this by having regular nail appointments with Katie. I will have a massage at least every 2 months. I will take at least half a day off completely from work every week. I will use my Passion planner for self reflection and to write how I am feeling at the end of every month.

1)I have it written down here but also in my Passion Planner.
2)It is SMART. It is a specific goal – nails, time out, massages will also contribute to better self care.
It is measurable – although qualitative, writing down how I am feeling will give me a good basis as to how I am getting on.
It is achievable – I definitely have the time and resources.
It is relevant – I know that looking after myself makes me a happier and better person which can only benefit me going forwards.
It is time framed – I will spend time at the end of every month reflecting. I have stated how often I am going to schedule time off, and have appointments.

3) My why is that I know self care is crucial to self development. If you are not taking good care of yourself then how can you help other people? Especially in my job it is so so important to be feeling in peak condition.

4) I will be accountable to my family, friends, clients and readers. But I will also be accountable to Katie and Christian who I will be making my appointments with! 🙂

Venice Beach, LA

That is just a couple of my goals, but I hope you are able to see how I have structured them. I encourage you to do the same. Take a bit of time, sit down with a blank sheet of paper and a pen and come up with your own personal goals and resolutions for 2017!

Let me know how you get on!

Love Abi xxxx

PS See you tomorrow!

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