Top tips for being more prepared!

‘Setting yourself up to win’

Consistency and preparation are the key to success on any type of plan. We all know that if we have healthy food prepped and ready to go in the cupboards and fridge that we are less likely to turn to the chocolate or seek out the number of the local takeaway. Similarly, if we go into the gym without a plan of what we want to achieve that day, then chances are you will have a bit of a wishy-washy session and end up doing not that much at all.

A goal without a plan is just a wish (1)

Here are just a few of my tips for trying to ahead and being that bit more prepared. Try implementing a couple at a time and create new habits by doing so rather than tackling them all at once!

  • make it a weekly habit to write down what meals you are going to have that coming week. You don’t need to have something new every single night of the week; find what your staple meals are and then maybe when you have more time you can have a go at that new recipe which has caught your eye. (see link below for a pdf copy to download!)food-plan

Food Diary and Shopping List downloadable PDF

  • do a shopping list before you visit the supermarket so you are less likely to be tempted, or have a go at ordering your food online instead to be delivered at a convenient time.


  • batch cook a couple of meals a week so they are in the fridge and easy to heat up when you are short on time. Things like a bolognese, chilli, curry, stews are all easy to put together and will keep for a few days in the fridge, or you can even freeze them and save for a rainy day.


  • have tupperware with chopped vegetables in the fridge – good for snacking on and easy to grab and make a quick meal with when you are hungry on an evening and want to eat everything in sightimg_8198
  • make extra dinner the night before to have for lunch following day
  • always have ‘healthy’ snacks on hand or in your drawer at work; sachets of protein powder, bars, fruit etc. This way you will be less tempted to make that mid morning walk to the vending machine or local shop.
  • I don’t like recommending ready meals, but some supermarkets have now come out with some good nutritionally balanced ones, so have a couple in the freezer for those days when you really are pushed for time, or are super hungry and tempted to call the local takeaway. Look for the ones which are high in protein, but with balanced fat and carbs.


These are just a few which I can think of which I use myself in order to make sure I am on top of my nutrition and consistent with it. If you have any top tips which you would like  to share then I would love to hear them.


love Abi xxxx

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