#trainwithabs Restaurant Spotlight…’Eat Me’ (Scarborough)

Everyone in Scarborough loves EatMe Cafe, therefore it is only right that I do a post on this super popular Cafe in the heart of Scarborough Town Centre.

Everything is made fresh on the premises and their menu has so many different options available. All the produce is locally sourced which is absolutely brilliant and so important for the local area. I emailed the owners of Eat Me to ask for their input as well in helping me determine which are the better options to go for when deciding to go there for breakfast or lunch but unfortunately they didn’t get back to me. So for this post I haven’t been able to include any calorie estimates but I have still been able to give you feedback on what I think the best options available are if you are trying to stick to your health and fitness goals!

Eggs are an absolute staple for my breakfast and one which I always suggest as an option to clients. At EatMe I would go for the 2 boiled eggs or the 3 eggs scrambled. They are extremely accommodating to different requests should you have them, so I might even ask for just the egg whites to be scrambled and save my fats for a different meal.


photo courtesy of the Eat Me Facebook page

There is nothing wrong with having bread, so if you want to have toast with it then go for it! Just realise that it is more calorie dense than other carb alternatives, so later in the day you may want to switch out carbs from one of your other meals.
I would avoid the crumpets or fruit loaf, simply due to lack of protein in them, plus they are usually a bit higher on the carb and fat side than I would typically like to eat for breakfast.

For lunch I have had the Chicken Ramen Bowl before, it is a clear noodle soup with grilled chicken and vegetables. To make this even more calorie friendly, I would ask for half a portion of noodles and see if they would be able to double the serving of vegetables. More vegetables will make it seem more substantial and you wont feel like you are missing out on the noodles.


I love being able to add the extra chilli flakes which accompany this dish in order to give it an extra fiery kick! 

The chicken and chorizo tin plate is another great option, which is high in protein and carbs from the rice.

If I were to opt for a salad, I would go with the hot chilli chicken or the hoisin duck, but be conscious that the duck will have a little bit more fat content.

Again eggs are a brilliant source of protein and will fill you up, so the 3egg omelette which they serve would be perfect. Add in some mushrooms and tomatoes for extra veggies, and maybe ask for it with just a salad.

As popular as they are, (and I am sure they all taste amazing!!) I would try and steer clear of the mac’n’cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and probably the burgers as they will contain high amounts of fat from the cheese and meat. If you are craving a burger, then maybe ask for it without the bun or have it with salad rather than the chips!

EatMe has some great options if you are on a fitness journey. I have picked out just some of the options which stand out to me from their menu. However, like I suggest when you go anywhere, if there is something not on the menu, or you are unsure how something is cooked or what it contains, then ask! Nobody knows better what has gone into a dish then the staff and I am sure they will be more than happy to help!


Hope you enjoyed this one. Eat Me is so popular in Scarborough and I can definitely see why. If there are any restaurants/cafes which you would like me to  cover in future posts then just let me know!

Love Abi xxx


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