#trainwithabs Restaurant spotlight…..Florios (Scarborough)

I couldn’t do a review of places to eat without looking at the Florios menu! Probably the most popular restaurant we have in Scarborough! I think you would hard pushed to find somebody who lives here that hasn’t visited the restaurant on at least one occasion!

You are going to be disappointed though I am afraid, if you are expecting me to say that the tomato garlic bread is absolutely fine to have in large quantities! Sorry! 🙁


Italian restaurants can be quite tricky to negotiate if you are trying to be healthy, as most of the dishes are very carb and fat heavy, mainly based around pizza and pasta and plenty of olive oil and cheese! However there is no need to avoid them completely!

Okay, so I realise that a trip to Florios isn’t usually complete without a Tomato Garlic Bread to start, so how can you make it slightly better? Share, this way you can still have one or two slices without overindulging. Also, it may seem slightly odd, but ask for some extra napkins and mop up some of that extra oil which you see in puddles on top of it when it is served. This is just hundreds of unnecessary calories which can be avoided simply by soaking up with a napkin.


*Not a photo of Florios version, but just a generic tomato garlic bread photo from the internet.

If you are going to avoid the garlic bread, I would opt for either the minestrone soup or the stuffed peppers but ask for no cheese on top.

Pasta and Risotto:
The portions in Florios are huge. But rather than just getting a regular one and thinking ‘oh its okay I will only eat half’, request half a portion. This way you wont find yourself mindlessly eating when you were full a long time ago which happens regularly with pasta.
Try and stick to tomato based sauces, ones like bolognese, arrabbiata and vegeteriana. I would also see if you were able to add a protein sauce to the former two dishes such as tuna or chicken. Any dish which mentions cream, I would tend to avoid.

Similar to the pasta option, if you are after a pizza then see if you can request a bambino size rather than a full portion. You could also ask friends if they want to split one and order a side salad to go alongside (with any dressing on the side). I would also, use the napkin trick to mop up any surplus oil.

They do offer a large variety of meats and fish. This is always a safe option when eating out anywhere. A protein source alongside a portion of vegetables. Florins do a grilled chicken breast, which I would ask for with salad, and see if they would do the side of spinach instead of chips. Any of the steaks but without the creamy sauces, and also the skewers are alternative options.

Unfortunately after looking at the dessert menu, as delicious as they all sound, I am not sure there is one which I can highly recommend! If your sweet tooth has really gone into overdrive then maybe just opt for one scoop of ice cream with no extra cream or sauces!

You can go to Florios, have a tasty meal and not fall astray from your fitness regime. Just be smart about it!

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