#trainwithabs Restaurant Spotlight…’Gourmet Burger Kitchen’

This is one of my absolute favourite places to go to when I visit my friend in Manchester and we just pop out for tea to the Trafford Centre. Quick, easy and you can always guarantee that it is going to taste good.

I wasn’t able to find any verified nutritional information online, but there were some entries on my fitness pal therefore for the sake of this post I will use these as I see appropriate.

To Start:
I would skip the starters, and go straight to the main event. They do offer you a glass to get some monkey nuts as you wait, probably best to avoid these! Nuts are one of those things, that although they are classed as ‘healthy’, they contain a lot of calories and you can eat a lot of them in one go. Save yourself for the main event and don’t fill yourself up!

For Mains:
My personal preference is to go for the grilled chicken bun-less burger. The bread is replaced by a green mixed salad and some coleslaw. Then by skipping out on the bread (which I simply am not a fan of anyway,) I will choose a side portion of sweet potato fries; not because sweet potato is in anyway superior to its white counterpart, but simply because they are such tastier in my opinion! They come served with baconaise, either ask for them without and choose ketchup or mustard as your condiment of choice, or just use sparingly. They do a wide range of different burger sauces, most of them based on mayonnaise which as you will know is high in fat and therefore calories; so if I am going to have one I will opt for the chilli salsa.


*not my photo*

If you were after a regular beef burger, the majority on the menu are laden with different toppings, to try and keep it lighter I would suggest asking for no sauce or cheese where possible and opt for the bun-less option.

The chilli chicken salad looks potentially a decent option,I would suggest asking for any dressing to be served on the side.


It is the sides where you are going to add on plenty of calories without realising it, similar to what I pointed out in my Restaurant spotlight on Nandos. I would stick to a green salad or corn and maybe share a portion of chips rather than having one to yourself, this way you are still getting some chips but halting the amount of calories, and it isn’t like they serve small portions in there!

They do a frozen strawberry yoghurt which is probably the option which I would go for if I were to have a dessert.
GBK offer all sorts of different milkshakes, including salted caramel, oreo, peanut butter… I would skip these. Milkshakes are laden with calories from both fat and carbs as they are often made with dairy ice cream and full fat milk, and just from looking at some generic options on Myfitness pal, calories would come in between the 500-1000 mark, just for a drink!!

It wouldn’t be impossible to stick to your fitness goals at GBK, there are certain tweaks and changes which you can make to the meals in order to make some of the meals that bit lighter. Just be conscious that a lot of the burgers will contain high amounts of fat, especially with some of the toppings which they have, which in turn leads to higher calories; but if you skip some of these and go for the bun-less option, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. In regards to sides, like I said try and split portions of chips between your party rather than order one to yourself, they are big enough to do this. Finally, don’t get a milkshake, opt for some frozen yoghurt instead!

#trainwithabs approved menu:
Bun less Grilled Chicken burger with salad and coleslaw; Half portion of Sweet Potato Fries
Frozen Strawberry yoghurt
Calories = 724
43g Protein; 21g Fat; 68g Carbs

GBK will still be one of my favourite chain estaurants to visit with friends. I just know that it will be a higher carb and fat meal than usual and will adjust my meals and calories for the rest of the day rather than miss out! Just be mindful of what you are choosing but enjoy yourself!

Love Abi xxx


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