#trainwithabs Restaurant Spotlight…..PIZZA EXPRESS

A few weeks ago I went to Pizza Express for the first time with a good friend, we had a voucher to use but I had also been craving a pizza for a while!

Pizza Express is great as you can access all their nutritional information online beforehand. This meant I was able to look up what I could fit into my macros for that day and plan the rest of my meals accordingly.
The have a separate ‘lighter menu’ with different options on for those which are looking to choose meals with slightly less calories too.

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To Start:

There are a couple of really tasty options to start/nibble on such as the roasted tomatoes or olives. If you are after something a little bit more substantial maybe opt for the melon and prosciutto.

I know they are famous for them, but I would try and avoid choosing the Dough Balls! The Dough Balls Formaggi rock in at 438 calories per portion, and the Dough Balls Doppio at 770! If you really did want to have some, I would suggest sharing between 2-3 people. That way you are able to have a little bit without overdoing it.

For Mains:

I chose the Pollo ad Astra Leggera Pizza, the lighter version of their pizzas comes with a salad in the middle and a thinner base. This was delicious, you really couldn’t tell it was a healthier option. High in protein from the chicken, and much lower fat and carbohydrates for a pizza. All of the Leggera Pizza options are great and they are all under 500 calories.
If it is pasta which you are craving I would choose the Leggera Pollo Arrabbiata, this comes in at 483 calories.IMG_8637

I was actually shocked when I looked at the nutritional information for some of the salads which Pizza express offer. This is where you think you are being ‘good’ but in reality you may have been better just choosing a pizza. For example, if you were to choose the Bosco Salad and add in a portion of chicken you would be consuming a whopping 909 calories, including 43g of fat….in a salad!! That is crazy to me, and just shows that you really need to look at what is going into your food as not all ‘healthy’ dishes are that great for you. If you did really want a salad, then be honest I think the best option available would be to ask for the mixed salad from the sides menu and ask for a portion of chicken to go with it in order to hit your protein.

In terms of other dishes to maybe stay clear of:
The Hawaiian Pizza Express = 1307 calories
Calabrese = 1346 calories
Risotto Fresco = 867 calories
Pollo Pesto = 1195 calories

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To finish up:
I was pleasantly surprised at the calorie friendly options available for pudding. The Coppa Gelatos come in at around 250 calories which isn’t over the top. They serve a Leggera Raspberry sorbet which is only 147 calories and the dolcetti desserts served with a coffee are also under 250 calories.
Would be best to steer clear of any of the cheesecakes and the chocolate glory though!

In conclusion, Pizza Express offers a lot of calorie friendly dishes. However it is probably best to have a quick look online beforehand just to check that what you thought was healthy isn’t in fact laden with calories. I could certainly choose a few options from here to fit into my diet without feeling like I am missing out at all!

#trainwithabs Approved Menu
Start: Roasted Tomatoes
Main: Pollo ad Astra Leggera
Dessert: Raspberry Sorbet
Calories = 639
37.3g Protein; 19.5g Fat; 77g Carbs

What restaurants would you like to see covered next?

Love Abi xxx


Once again this is just my own personal opinion and this blog has been written to simply give you some guidelines and a little bit of help if you are worried about eating out whilst on a fitness journey.

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