What does 100 calories actually look like?

I hear from clients a lot that they think they have a ‘healthy‘ diet but aren’t getting any closer to their fitness goals. They snack on nuts and seeds, drink fruit smoothies for breakfast and never eat white rice or pasta. On the surface this sounds great. But more often than not, they have no idea of the amount of calories which they are actually consuming. I don’t blame them to be honest; food labels alone can be so confusing; I mean did you know that a serving size of a Twix chocolate bar is just one stick?!!! (and who eats just one stick?!) Or that a Lenny and Larry’s Protein cookie is actually two servings?

Baffling and so annoying.

Calories in popcorn, crisps, granola and oats

I am not saying that everybody should count calories, yes it is the most effective method for fat loss and muscle gain, but it really doesn’t suit everyone. It can drive some to be completely neurotic whereas others will give up as soon as they realise they have to weigh everything out and add it into a daily calculator.

100 Calories of raisins, almond butter, olive oil and coconut oil

But I do think that a period of tracking or at least becoming that little bit more aware of serving sizes and portions is necessary if you have specific goals to meet.

100 Calorie portions of Nuts

When was the last time you measured out what an actual serving of peanut butter looked like? Or pasta? Or almonds? Or olive oil? These are just a few examples of food types which people tend to overeat and not even realise; therefore consuming 100s of extra calories in the process, and stalling progress towards there goals.


Would you rather eat 3 brazil nuts or a full punnet of strawberries?

100 calorie portion sizes of chocolate

Will a bag of popcorn satiate you more than 1 lindt truffle?

100 calorie carb portion sizes

If you are hungry and dieting, are you better off eating half a wrap which won’t touch the sides, or 300g of broccoli which will keep you fuller for way longer?

Calories in vegetables

And simply because I was taking these photos at a Fish and Chip Restaurant:

Half a bag of crisps-7.png

In this post I just wanted to show you visually what a portion size actually looks like! From Nuts to sprouts, chocolate to strawberries I hope you find this useful!

Love Abi xxxxx

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