What’s in your drink?

Tis the season of office Christmas parties, ‘drinks and nibbles’, bucks fizz for breakfast or a cheeky glass of wine after work. We all love a tipple, and sometimes definitely have one, two, or a dozen more than we actually need.


This blog post isn’t here to tell you not to drink, or not to go out and enjoy yourself; but I have drawn it up just to try and make you more aware of what you might be consuming on a night out.


A lot of people completely forget that alcohol contains calories, then they wonder why they aren’t reaching their fitness goals as quick as they should be.

Below is just a caloric breakdown of some of the most popular drinks about.

Prosecco Calories

White wine Calories

Bucks Fizz CaloriesGin and Tonic CaloriesPint of Lager CaloriesRekordling Cider CaloriesMedium Pepsi CaloriesOrange Juice CaloriesLatte Calories

I did write a blog post back in April about some smart swaps which you can make if you are going out drinking, and ones which I recommend to my clients all the time if they have a night out planned and are worried about falling off the wagon. I think they are important which is why I am going to let you know them again!

Don’t starve yourself during the day, but maybe choose less calorie dense food items, i.e. stick to protein and vegetables

Have a soft drink or water every other drink

Choose the less calorific drinks options – clear spirits and diet mixers are a good option
Avoid the take-away shop at the end of the night!!

Cocktails can contain a lot of hidden calories so try and stick to just one to start the night off with!

Have plenty of fresh food and vegetables in the house to avoid the next day hangover munchies!

Save drinking for only certain occasions over the festive period….not every single time you go out or are offered a drink!


Please read this article and take on board some of the main points, BUT the main thing to remember is NOT TO STRESS OUT.

Christmas is a time for celebrating with family and loved ones. Don’t let worrying about the caloric content of a glass of wine stop you from enjoying yourself and creating memories!
I will certainly be having a few drinks!


Love Abi xxx

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