Workout Wednesday #4…inspired by Jen Sinkler

What do you do for cardio? Lift weights faster!!


I was listening to ‘The FitCast’ podcast on my journey to Manchester at the weekend and Jen Sinkler was one of the guests. I have listened to her talk before and I am subscribed to a website which she contributes to called ‘Girls Gone Strong,’ so her view on lifting etc wasn’t new to me. However it did remind me that I said I was going to start incorporating more complexes and circuits into my cardio sessions a few weeks ago.

Jen was asked in an interview a few years ago what she did for cardio and her response was ‘Lift weights faster!’ By this she means doing short resistance based metabolic based circuits, which she believes “can burn more fat, build more muscle, rev your metabolism, and improve your work capacity better than typical aerobic exercise sessions!” These can be made up of a barbell complex (different exercises performed in a circuit style using the same barbell) or a circuit of different exercises and resistances. I like to do both styles depending on how I am feeling. It is basically a alternative way of doing interval training and makes a change from just sticking to one piece of apparatus such as the bike or rower.

A1) Barbell Reverse lunges x10 e/s
A2) Barbell Thrusters x 10
A3) KB Swings x 10
A4) Stepovers x 10
A5) Bear Crawls x 10 e/s

Repeat 5 times with as little rest as possible

So yesterday morning I wrote out a long list of different exercises which I could do in the studio at the gym, before picking out 5 which would give me a full body workout and putting them into a circuit. I didn’t actually time how long it took me to do the first circuit but I would estimate in the region of 12-15minutes. Boy did it get my heart racing! The thrusters in particular were really taxing. After one round of the circuit I was questioning my enthusiasm for choosing this type of cardio! But afterwards I felt great!

B1) Skipping x 30seconds
B2) Burpees x 10

Repeat 8 times with as little rest as possible

I took a few minutes rest before starting my second circuit. This one I have done before, and in particular when I am away from home as all you need is a skipping rope. Set up a timer and perform 30seconds skipping as fast as possible and then straight into 10 burpees, again I questioned what possessed me to actively choose to do burpees?! But they give you such a full body workout and get you sweating. Good bang for your buck exercise!


I really enjoyed this type of workout this morning and will be incorporating it more often. You can vary the number of exercises and the number of reps and sets performed, you can choose to do bodyweight exercises only, or use different types of resistance. There are so many options! I actually have a folder full of screenshots on my phone which I have taken of different circuits when I see people upload them onto social media so will need to start attempting some of those if I get mind block and cant come up with any of my own!


Love Abi xxxx

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